State of the Union – Snakeskin

The slippery Snakeskin is up next for scrutiny. So lets play ball!
First thing that jumps out from her stat line is that she looks a little light weight with ARM 0, 12 wounds and 4+ DEF (if you are able to actually hit her – more on this later). So it looks evident she isn’t one for a fight. Good movement and KICK stats make her much more adept at playing the beautiful game the way it should be played. An average TAC and INF rounds her stat line out. And finally, shock horror, she isn’t melee 2″. Maybe she needs to get benched! ūüėõ
Character Traits
Venomous Strike РWhen doing damage the enemy also receives poison. Not too bad an ability to heap on the hurt and if you get a bit of damage in early it can really start to add up. But for me it is unlikely I will be focussing on damage from Snakeskin. Nice to have but not essential.
Charmed Male РSnakeskin gets +1 DEF against every attack and character play from men. Who would hit a women anyway? And one as beautiful as Snakeskin. You must be mad. As the majority of current players are male (34 M, 15 F, 9 Other) this is great!
Shadow Like – Like Blackheart at the start of her activation she can make a 2″ dodge. Brilliant if engaged to dodge out of melee or to get that extra little boost of mobility to set up that goalscoring run or T to retrieve the ball.
So with TAC 5 it gives Snakeskin a surprising number of options from her playbook. The only things missing are KD and Pushes which from looking at her slight frame isn’t a surprise. She has the standard damage spread on 1, 2 and 5 hits but where she really shines is when making a T and / or dodges as these are all momentous. She can also activate Clone (discussed later) on just 3 hits which is also a momentous result. This makes her extra dangerous when lurking around your opponents score zone as any T she makes also gives her the momentum needed to shoot on the back of it. So with just 3 hits she is able to make a momentous T, whilst also making a 1 ” dodge. This is brilliant and is the reason she leads the line for my Union team as she can be a goalscoring machine taking advantage of any of your opponents sloppy play in the back field. And with a KICK of 3/6″ she isn’t bad at shooting either.
Nimble РCosts 1 INF. This model gains +1 DEF taking her to 5+ to hit or 6+ against men. Pretty damn decent.
Clone¬†– Costs 2 INF or 2 Guild Balls (3 hits). This model may ignore the next character play or playbook result against it, then make a 2″ dodge. This is brilliant when holding onto the ball as makes it even harder to T or KD her. Combined with nimble she is pretty confident she will withstand all but the most vicious of storms! Tip: This can be activated from friendly plays too as doesn’t specify enemies for a little extra movement. Imagine a Gutter charge on a nearby enemy model resulting in a Scything Blow which would normally hit Snakeskin too. Activate Clone to ignore the Scything Blow and make a 2″ dodge away.
So the first model reviewed from the Union who favours playing the ball and with great defensive abilities she is very good at keeping hold of it once she has it. She can momentous tackle with ease, like Hemlocke, so makes her a real threat for stealing the ball back from opponents defenders and scoring a sneaky goal. With shadow like as well as decent MOV she is able to cover quite a bit of ground each activation. So as  a winger she likes to lurk out wide waiting for that right moment to spring into action.
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