State of the Union – Gutter

When Blackheart wants some pain bringing he turns to Gutter to gut her….
Looking at her base stats she seems pretty average, solid stats across the board but nothing spectacular. This seems to be becoming a bit of a theme in these write-ups. Fairly decent MOV, decent TAC of 5, average DEF of 4+, ARM 1 and a modest INF generation. But one big thumbs up is her melee range of 2″. Yet another model in the Union camp with a big ass melee.
Character Traits
Lifedrinker – Every time Gutter damages a model from an attack she regains a HP. Only applicable once per attack so unfortunately with wrap arounds she does not get to heal up twice. However that is a pretty decent way of topping her wounds back up especially as you are probably going to be trying to do damage with her anyway. She doesn’t need any encouragement! This ability makes her surprisingly survivable and if managed well should be able to still be standing through the whole game.
Anatomical Precision – This is a great ability against anyone with ARM. During each attach Gutter ignores 1 point of ARM. Therefore when looking at possible targets Gutter loves being thrown into ARM 1 or ARM 2 models making them that much easier to hit than your opponent anticipates. This ability is huge against a team like the Masons who possess A LOT of ARM 2 models.
TAC 5 means Gutter has access to 5 columns during an attack. A few momentum generating options on damage and Guild Balls which is nice. Having a momentous result on 1 and 2 Guild Balls is lovely as encourages you to go for her character plays which offer unique abilities that can be very potent. From her momentous options it really focusses the mind on how Gutter was designed to be played. She likes to do damage things. Multiple things at once if possible. And she isn’t too fussy which side they are on! (See Scything Blow).

Chain Grab – Cost 2 Guild Balls (3 hits) from an attack, RNG 6″. Target enemy model suffers a 6″ push directly towards this model. This is great for pulling opponent models into melee or into a group of friendly models. When triggered it does not have to be done on the model you are attacking but in fact any enemy model within range.

Scything Blow – 1 Guild Ball (5 hits) from an attack. This can only be triggered from an attack but means that all models within Gutters melee range suffer 3 damage. Notice it doesn’t say enemy models, so ALL models take damage meaning Gutter is a bit of a loose cannon when around friendlies so be careful on your positioning and large 2″ melee when choosing to do a Scything Blow.


At first glance Gutter seems a little light weight for a heavy hitter and doesn’t look too impressive at handing out the pain when you compare her to members of the butchers or brewers for example. But she really comes into her own when buffed by other models in the Union side such as Coin (Bag of Coffers) and Rage (Tooled up). Another model with a 2″ melee range you can really frustrate teams with predominately 1″ melee ranges. Also one of the only models in the Union setup that can move opponents models around due to the general lack of pushes and lure type abilities across the guild. Although not too hard to hit and 14 wounds she is surprisingly difficult to take out unless you finish her off in one turn due to her ability to heal herself when doing damage. Therefore another model who is a fairly reliable model in her own right but really becomes top tier when buffed by other members of the team and dishing out damage to multiple enemy models at once.

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