State of the Union – Coin

With Blackheart being a filthy Pirate he obviously needs somewhere to keep his loot! It’s mascot time, and with Coin I feel like we are not just filling a spot in the team because we have to (like with some other mascots) but there are some real tangible uses for this one. Arguably the best mascot currently in the game in my opinion.

Fairly slow compared to other mascots and a standard set of stats for TAC, KICK and INF. Slightly easier to hit on a 4+ than some of the other more squishy mascots but with ARM 1 and 10 hit points that makes sense. So nothing to write home about just yet, until you turn the card over!

Character Traits
Bag of Coffers – An absolutely brilliant ability for a mascot. Once per turn (during Coins activation) you can allocate an INF and 1 use of Bonus Time to a friendly non-captain model within 4″. This is great to buff a nearby player and another good way of masking your intentions from your opponent as they won’t know where this extra INF is going until part way into the turn. When combined with Blackhearts misdirection you can go from having a model with 0 INF to 2 INF without your opponent being able to plan for it. This is great to set up a run on goal or a key charge out of the blue. They may have moved a model with the ball into rang of one of your players with 0 INF thinking they were safe. Not anymore!
Follow Up – Like a number of other mascots follow-up allows this model to move its base move directly towards any model that performs an advance to take it out of its melee range. So apart from pushes and dodges it is quite difficult to get untangled from this sneaky snake once he gets wrapped up with a model. It is a great way of frustrating your opponent and giving them one less dice to do an action such as a pass. So very good against those ball playing teams.
As is fairly common with mascots a T on 1 hit although not momentous which is a shame. It does however make it very dangerous for an opponent ball carrier to try to disengage from Coin as he is getting 4 dice with only 1 hit needed to tackle. And then has follow-up to take him back into engagement if needed. He can also do 1 damage or a momentous Character play on 2 hits called Hamstring.
Hamstring – The target enemy model suffers -4/-4 MOV, RNG P. Speaks for itself really, stops the target moving too far and good way of limiting the mobility of that key opponent model. Especially useful on fast ball playing teams like the fishermen who rely on their speed to get out of the action.

So it is unlikely you will be passing or moving the ball around much with Coin (or doing huge amounts of dmg) but more than likely throwing the Horrific Serpent into the thick of it as a lot more durable than most other mascots. With follow up character trait it is very difficult to slip away from the snake. Like we saw with Blackheart this model can take a fair bit of punishment when compared to it’s equivalent in other teams and really there to get the most out of other players in the team. So a solid two players on the Union roster so far who can tank it out and buff other team members. No spectacular game winning players yet on their own but starting to build up a very strong, reliable core for the team.

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