State of the Union – Blackheart

That powergamer Mr CDHay has gone and done some posts for the Union

First up is the captain, King of the “Dingaling” Pirates. Pieces of eight, pieces of eight.
 At first glance Blackheart looks pretty standard across the board when it comes to his stats compared to most other captains. Nothing jumps out apart from one stat, ARM 2. Outside of the Masons ARM 2 is pretty rare with only Flask and Stoker having the same level of hit denial. His MOV is average, average TAC and KICK and a pretty standard INF. Although is DED is a little low thank goodness for that ARM.
Character Traits
Shadow Like – This allows a 2″ dodge at the start of his activation making him a lot more mobile than you first think looking at his MOV. So this allows him to dodge out of melee at the start of his activation of get that little bit nearer to a potential target or team mate.
Legendary Play

Strike from the Shadows – You can either hand out better defence for your team or give them all a 2″ push, including himself. So depending on the situation both can be invaluable on keeping your team alive or giving them a little extra dodgy movement at a pivotal point during the match. It effects all friendly models within 6″ so could potentially get your whole team if you position well.


He has nice spread of Momenum genertation with a lot of dodges spread around both 1 and 2” ones, he does bring some OK damage output (with momentum) but his Knock down is going to be hard to reach. Outside of charges.

Both guild balls are in OK positions so you should be able to reach them on average dice most of the time.


Misdirection – Costs 2 INF, The target enemy model loses 1 INF and you then allocate said INF to one of your models. Seems like a big investment of INF for a limited return of just 1 INF however, when timed correctly or targeting the correct model it can be game changing. For example if that enemy model is positioned to score but you remove their 1 INF needed to shoot, OR if that deadly enemy is positioned for a charge and you remove 1 INF leaving them no longer able to charge OR if you have tied up that key enemy model (I’m looking at say Rage or Boar who can only be allocated 1 INF) and you remove there only INF it makes that model pretty useless for the turn. On the flip side it is a good way of masking your intentions from your opponent for you own models. Only giving a model you want to charge 1 INF making them look harmless to then allocate them the 2nd INF needed to charge can really baffle your opponent (keep this in mind when reading about Coin coming later in the series).

Butchery – Costs 2 INF or 2 Guild Balls (4 hits). Nice easy play as it means you can concentrate on one model and with the likes of Rage, Gutter, Decimate you are probably going to take that model out in a turn with this up. Very nasty but requires you to be close to friends to get the best out of it. As the chances are Blackheart wont do it on his own against a model on full health.

On my Mark – Costs 3 INF or a Guild Ball (3 hits). Allows a friendly other model to make a pass for free. This is interesting as it allows for some out of activation ball control. Be it to set up for a better goal threat or even get the ball out of potentially harm’s way.


Pretty slippery character that helps make the rest of team slippery. He does come with some reasonable damage output and with his ARM he is going to be difficult to deal with as it is harder to get the good Playbook results.

He can be played as a scalpel really going to town on one model setting up for  a friend to finish off if need be.

But he also allows for some great ball movement which with his Legendary means you can score some interesting out of activation goals (snap shots) with on my mark.

So overall he is an enabler for the rest of the team. Taking as many hits as he can away from other models but also making friendlies that more deadly in combat and tying down key areas of the board and creating some interesting choices about where the ball is going to end up. Although he isn’t going to be scoring many goals or VP’s directly he no doubt is as a key a member of how this team works as your Sharks, Ox’s and Midas’

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