Meat The Butchers – Decimate

Next up on the Union players for Butchers is the one know as Decimate. Its nice but can she make a good sirloin!


She is fast both her stats here make her terrifyingly quick (as well as having a large melee range)!! Her TAC is pretty decent, while her Kick adds another option as a goal scorer in Butchers. DEF is pretty average but does also rock some ARM as well. INF is average, overall she is pretty decent. She can go where she is needed while also being surprising survivable.

Selective – This lets you know which sides she will kick for, but we will keep eye on just the Butchers.

Anatomical Precision – Any attack she makes ignores 1 ARM, which is always nice.


Her has a lot of access to momentum in the playbook. As well as a lot of extra movement but little actual damage, but what she does have can be boosted a lot by the Butchers anyway.


Second Wind – Costs 2 INF and allows a friendly model to make a Jog at the end of its activation. Which can be incredibly powerful. Be it a reposition ready for next turn OR even to get out of harms way. Can only be done once a turn though.

Thousand Cuts – Costs 3 INF or 2 Guild Balls (equivalent of 6 hits). Very nasty which reduces the DEF of enemy by 2 and does some token damage. This gives you a second chance for this play as Shank also has it.


She is very different to any other model within the Butchers team, however I can see a use in replacing Brisket as your goal scorer. Yes doesn’t get as many buffs as Brisket can BUT she is more autonomous. Plus with speed and playbook she has the ability to be exactly where you need her to be. Also works as a handy defender as well, without needing the buff Shank needs for extra Charge distance she can again come in take the ball and the back out again to kick it to another player.

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