Meat The Butchers – Minx

Next up on the Union players for Butchers is Minx.


She is fast very fast easily outpacing even the fleet Boiler and Brisket. Her TAC is reasonable and her Kick stats are on the low side, especially her actual Kick dice pool. Her DEF is pretty average but she does also have ARM as well. While her INF is odd she only bring a couple of INF to the party but she can only use a couple as well. But the numbers involved are better than Boar and Rage.

Character Traits

Selective – This like all Union players lets you know who she will play for.

Furious – Lets her Charge for free so overcoming her low INF value. While allowing her more flexibility that the likes of Boar.

Damaged Target – When charging a damaged model she gains additional MOV during it, which makes her pretty scary for charging 11”.

Follow up – When a model moves (not pushes) out of her melee range she may move her base MOV towards the enemy again. As that is faster than most models it means if you wish a model can never escape her.


She will generate momentum if she does direct damage but her Guild Balls and tackle will not. Which is a shame as I think he ability to debuff/buff is where she is strongest. Tough call then if you need the momentum or not.


Marked Target – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild ball (equivalent of 3 hits). Targeted enemy model is easier charge for friendlies due to the increase bonus to movement. In a team full of pain this would help loads and makes all the butchers scarier as some of them can charge an amazing distance. Imagine what Shank can hit with this around (makes his threat range go up to 18”).

Screeching Banshee – Costs 2 Guild Balls (equivalent of 4 hits). Target model gets the big negative to its MOV and also takes some damage. Which makes it pretty nasty way of keeping even the fastest models locked in her melee range when follow-up is considered.


Pretty INF efficient if she can get into combat when she activates. She can also negate one model on the board easily with Screeching Banshee with the charge attack. Then she can use remaining INF to do as she wishes.

Unusual model but that can help shut down opposition models, this in turn means you can concentrate on getting the ball or just stomping the rest of the team! Pretty INF efficient and could see her not needing all of her INF every turn which then helps out other members of your team. The only issue with this tactic is models with easy access to pushes/dodges so pick your target wisely.

A tough one, as I like the idea of the model, just not sure which model I would drop from the butchers. One thing is for sure who ever is swapped out the butchers will have a very different play sytle with her in. Using her to shut down a striker for instance does feel like she could tweak a team to not needing to accept that goal they would usually give up to crush the opposition.

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