The Alchemist Formula – Katalyst

So now it’s time for the big guy in the Alchemists line up, Katalyst


He’s pretty fast for a big guy, good TAC, but OK DEF and ARM. Kick is better than many big guys, and his INF stat is average in the game.

Character Traits

Burning Strike – He hits you for damage you get burning. Nice and easy burning for all..

Pyromaniac – He starts the game with burning and gains it every end phase as well. Basially he is always on fire….trying on clothes must be tough.

Burning Effigy – While he is burning he gains a bonus to his TAC and his movement. Which because he is burning means he takes no ill effects of the burning coniditon on his movement. But the TAC bonus does make him very dangerous on the charge LOTS of dice)


Plenty of Knockdown as well as pushes and character play triggering. HE does have a low Tackle as well which is always helpful and of course decent options for momentum.


External Combustion– Cost 2 Guild Balls (5/6 hits), enemies take a decent push while also taking some damage as well as burning condition. This is pretty similar to unmasking for those familiar with that.

Seismic Kick– Cost 1 INF, allows him to take KICK action without without spending INF but also ensures you can knockdown models and the ball cant be intercepted. Nice ability that can catch opponents out if you use it at the right time.


Hands out more burning than Mercury can in some instances. He is also pretty good at generating momentum with that bonus TAC of his. He isn’t a damage dealer but is no slouch either.

He makes a decent ball hunter as he is one of the fastest big players around he makes an intersting choice as he is not subtle and why should a man on fire be subtle?

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