The Alchemist Formula – Vitriol

Vitriol is next up in the lab


Vitriol is straight out fast with great MOV stats, better than many strikers TAC, great KICK with higher than average DEF but no ARM. INF is pretty standard. She is also one of the only Alchemist player with a 2″ melee range.

Character Traits

Cover of Darkness – Did I say that Vitriol is fast? Well how about a bonus 2″ move when she starts an advance benefiting form cover. This makes her insanely quick.

Skilled within Shadow– Vitriol gains +2 TAC against enemies benefiting from cover. You should not that this does not allow her to ignore cover so you end up with +1 TAC but it’s still positive.

Hidden Damage – Once a turn she gets to gain +1 DMG to playbook results when the enemy is benefiting from cover.


She does some damage which works nicely with her traits, but her momentum generation is around some push/dodges and getting Clone activated (although on the charge she can do some tasty momentous damage).


Smoke Bomb– Costs 1 INF, So Vitriol gets all those cool benefits from all things to do with cover right? Well once per turn she can make a smoke cloud that grants cover! It’s almost like they planned it that way!

Clone – Cost 2 INF or 2 Guild balls (three hits), RNG S. Clone allows Vitriol to ignore the next Character Play or Playbook result against it, and dodge 2″ just for fun! Nice ability to help keep her safe and sound.


Vitriol is a really potent striker, from cover she can hit the goal from 19″ away, or further if you hit and dodge before heading for goal. She has good DEF and clone helps, but she really doesn’t stand up to concentrated efforts to take her out. She will score buckets of goals, even if my own Vitriol is on a 50% miss rate!

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