The Alchemist Formula – Mercury

Now we move onto Mercury, the fire man


Mercury is average for guild ball. His TAC is a little low, but above standard KICK with average DEF and ARM as well as INF. Average but his KICK is pretty handy if only to hand off to strikers.

Character Traits

Burning Spirit – Move up to Mercury, or start your activation within an inch and you’ll be burning.

Tactical Advice [Flask] – If he is within 4″ of Flask in the maintenance phase he gains a bonus to his max INF.


Nothing too exciting here, only two momentous results but an early tackle is handy sometimes. Plus he does do some damage as well, well more than a Fisherman…


Fire Blast– Costs 2 INF, Neat play that not only deals two damage, but also sets models hit on fire (burning condition for the rules peeps out there!). Also if other models end or move through the AOE they gain burning too. Handy to slow down those enemies.

Flame Jet – Costs 2 INF, Pretty simple, three damage and burning if you hit!


Mercury is pretty much exactly what you expect for an Alchemist midfielder. Pretty solid with a good kick stat. Getting burning out is great for slowing down the enemy, and the AOE can funnel people where you want them to go.

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