The Alchemist Formula – Calculus

Next up for the Alchemists is Calculus, one of two central midfielder’s for the team.


Calculus is on the average side of MOV stats. Lowish TAC, reasonable KICK with average DEF and ARM. INF is perfectly average too, basically she is average barring that TAC

Character Traits

Poison Fumes – Move or activate within an inch of Calculus and you’ll be poisoned. Now she can’t just wander up and poison you, but it’s a neat ability.


Four columns with only two momentum generating results seem’s low, but then if you’ve got Calculus leading the fighting your probably not getting the best out of her.


Blind – Costs 1 INF, Nasty play that will cause enemy models to lose -2″ Mov, -2 KICK and -2 TAC! One dice means you can’t rely on hitting every time, but with bonus time it’s a very good play.

Noxious Blast – Costs 2 INF, An AOE that remains in play. Models hit take damage and the poison condition. Enemy models that move through, or end their activations in the AOE become poisoned. Nice play that gets conditions out on the enemy pretty consistently.


Calculus is a solid model for the Alchemists, bringing two good plays to the pitch. With some Armour she can take a little bit of damage, but don’t go get her stuck into the heart of the enemy or she will die.

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