The Alchemist Formula – Flask

Time for the obligatory cute mascot chat… what do you mean a little robot can’t be cute? He’s carrying all kinds of cool chemicals on that tray don’t you know!


Flask is actually faster than you think he may be. His KICK is pretty standard for a mascot, and his TAC isn’t going to excite you. Lowish DEF is boosted by good ARM. Standard INF for a mascot round out his stat line.

Character Traits

Light Footed – He has tracks so nothing slows him down, which does make his MOV better than the raw number.

Overheat – When Flask gets taken out, he really gets taken out as he explodes! All models within 3″ take 3 DMG and gain burning. Can be fun to run a one wound, on fire flask at the enemy and watch them try to scatter.

Smoke Cloud – Once per turn Flask can place a smoke cloud centred on him. Handy for when you might need a patch of cover.


Flasks play book looks light with only two columns, but with one hit generating a momentous Guild Ball token result it’s better than it looks. He has a tackle, but I wouldn’t use him to steal the ball often!


Intensify– Cost 2 INF or 1 Guild Ball (1 hit) –  Flask may only have one play but it’s a good one. All enemy models with 3″ of Flask take 2 damage if they are suffering from conditions. Super fun if your opponent has bunched up a little.


Flask isn’t the most amazing mascot in the game, he often just wanders around not dying. The times you managed to get intensify off it can be really potent, and with the damage threat from taking him out opponents often leave him be.  His smoke cloud can also be really useful depending on who you take in your team, but more of that later.

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