The Alchemist Formula – Midas

That lovely other Dave has gone and started the Alchemist Formula posts for me, Good Dave

It’s time to take peek into the lab and see what the Alchemists have cooked up… what do you mean only the Bear can do cheesy intros!

As ever lets start out with the Captain for the team, Midas.


Midas’s stats pretty much give you the idea that he is more about agility than brute force, higher than average MOV, good long KICK with high-end DEF and no ARM. He has a higher than normal max INF, with the standard captain level TAC.

Character Traits

Light Footed – To keep with the fast and not so furious trait rough-ground is no impediment to Midas.

Unpredictable Movement –Advance into Midas’s melee range and he can skip away (dodge 2″) once per turn, just to make him even harder to pin down.

Show boating – allows him to spend one less MP for teamwork actions. This means snap shooting with the captain is very cheap!

Heroic Play

Promise of Fortune – Allows him to make a free dodge and gains ARM for the rest of the turn. Makes him incredibly quick and also even harder to deal with with his already decent DEF.

Legendary Play

Magnum Opus – Really interested Legendary play, when he scores a goal all enemy models nearby take the snared condition. Which as we know makes them easier to hit and slower, always nasty BUT you will probably not catch too many models with this. Unless they have bubbled up.


He has the standard 6 columns, access to both T and KD, with KD being rare for the alchemists overall, though it does require lots of hits. Early access to a Guild ball logo, but really he is all about the dodging and pushing. So many options there for you to pick, while he also has some momentous damage as well.


Super Shot – Costs 1 INF, makes his already decent KICK even scarier! With his heroic and natural speed and KICK he has an amazing range for goals.

Lure of Gold – Costs 2 INF or 1 Guild ball (3 hits), Allows him to move a friendly model towards him . This is actually a great way of speeding up several players as it isn’t once a turn and as it is not directly towards Midas you can gain some nice positioning as long as you get closer to Midas.

Midas Touch – Costs 1 Guild ball (3 hits), Hands out a Burden Token, which allows friendly models to gain +2 hits to the target so this is like a super singled out as it is giving you 2 hits rather than needing to roll. Allows for some wrap arounds for a lot of players.


A superstar of the game, he is incredibly scary goal threat against any team, who is generally hard to deal with anyway before you even consider the heroic play. He also makes a great way to take snapshots with as well, due to showboating.

But despite all this it is worth remembering he brings momentous damage which is always nice and it isnt difficult to get to. Although he is not going to take people out generally he can finish off injured players to reall boost your MP count.

On top of all this he can also help boost your own team through his ability to pull your team around quickly and pretty cheaply really (moving the hitters of Katalyst and Vitriol around is going to be golden….) Plus his Midas Touch can make any one suffering from it worried.

Altogether we have a striker who can also do so much more.

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3 thoughts on “The Alchemist Formula – Midas

  1. Did Midas’ abilities change recently? I thought he had an ability that rook away an opponent’s ability. He seems much more useful with this alleged update.
    I believe the same thing happened to katalyst. He used to be buffed by all the AoE clouds. Now he is fire affects centric.
    When did all this change?

    1. It has changed yes, it’s the move towards season 3. These new rules came in after steamcon last year. So still very new, but should help the game as all new plays had to be midas tested. Now they don’t 🙂

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