Meat The Butchers – Gutter

Next up on the Union players for Butchers is Gutter.


She is as fast as the other members of the Butchers (ignoring Boar and Ox) and has a decent melee reach as well. Her TAC is reasonable and her Kick stats are also not bad. Her DEF is pretty average but she does also have ARM as well. While her INF is also average, overall she is pretty standard GB player as far as her stats go.

Character Traits

Selective – This like all Union players lets you know who she will play for.

Lifedrinker – Whenever she is causes damage she gains 2 HP back, which helps keep her going much longer than she would normally (also frees up any momentum you would have spent on healing).

Anatonical Precision – Any attack she makes ignores 1 ARM, which is always good.


She can generate a fair amount of momentum with all her plays below generating momentum. But she has little access to normal damage and is not very manoeuvrable while engaged.


Scything blow – Costs 1 Guild ball this hands out 3 damage to everything in her melee range. With it being a decent size position will be key that you don’t hack up your own stuff.

Chain Grabs – Costs 1 INF or 2 Guild Balls (equivalent of 5 hits). Target model is pushed 4” towards her and takes a point of damage. Interesting play as you can actually reposition enemy models to be very close to her! As the range of it plus her melee range means she can in theory do it 4 times and have 4 models in her melee range. Locking down a lot of models, but also helps set up scything blow a little as well to do more damage.


An odd one, she likes to be in the thick of it but the rest of your team wont. She can be surprisingly survivable with her DEF, ARM and Lifedrinker. Obviously if targeted she will go down. But an opponent not concentrating on her will not take her down.

She is very good at locking down opponents models rather than actually damaging them. With her melee range and Chain grab there can be a few models around her and as she has access to knockdown suddenly it becomes very hard to get away from her.

Parting strike means you can be getting Knock down pretty easily stopping opponents which means they have to smack her but she is then healing herself as well. Could prove very nasty.

Also helps the Butchers catch those more slippery teams (bloody fishymen), easier to beat to a pulp when they cant escape. I would be tempted to swap out Boar or Boiler for her to see how things go, possibly boiler going first for more big reach models on the board.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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