Busy busy week on the news front, first up Wyrd.

We have the artwork for the Crossroads 7 band which all look pretty cool in the main. Not sure about the lead singer being hugged by what look like sorrows.

But I suppose give them long hair and him a microphone and we have a lead singer with his groupies.

Next we have the much waited on starter set for Malifaux;

Now I really dig it’s all new models and they are all mercs so you are not limited to keeping them in faction of Guild and Neverborn.

With everything in the box as well it is only a good thing to go with. A lot has been said about how a bit dull the Scion is but you know what he isn’t that bad really probably one piece job. But more importantly Neverborn get more guns 😉

Sigmar Returns

Well what to say about Age of Sigmar, this has to be the biggest news in my long gaming life the last time something so tectonically changing happen was the move to white metal from lead and GW had a sale to shift old stock (yes I am that old)..

As you read this I am sure we will be much more enlightened by this weeks issue of WD.

I am interested I can not deny it, the sigmar super knights are looking very very cool. Even after some resistance the Chaos stuff is probably some of the best non-FW stuff I have seen come out of Nottingham.

What do the future holds? Who knows but it will be fun seeing it unfold.

One thing I will say is the apparent removal of army books which would be a crying shame as love them and always have.

Hobby This Week

Well it was someones birthday recently which means I have a few extra odds and ends. But finally I have Brewmaster and I must say some of the most characterful models I have seen, worth the wait.

So mainly I have building much plastic. I am getting close to being done with the Ophelia crew as well, question is what next..

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