Fermenting the Brewers – Team Talk

Welcome to the last post in the Fermenting the Brewers series. If you missed anyone you can find links to them here;

Like all the teams there are some nice little codependecies between players. But first up 2 things the Brewers bring to the game are Knock down and Pushes. Although the players have access to these in their playbook or plays (Only Friday can’t knock down). This is how they play, they knock you down so you can’t stop them scoring. They also bring Tough Hide and lots of ARM which means when you hit them you wont be getting as good as results as you want AND you will be doing less damage.

They are also a building crew what this means is to get some of the great bonuses you can receive requires momentum. This means they build during a turn to become quicker, more efficient etc..

So Tapper first he really needs Scum nearby most of the time to get that extra INF each turn. The Brewers are not bring large amounts of INF to the table anyway so any bonus is a good one (also see Stoker and Stave for another boost). From here Tapper then ups it again by handing out INF like candy for the price of a MP. This is easier as the game goes on and you rack up more MP which is another thing easily done by the Brewers.

He also grants extra TAC and damage to anything in an aura he can generate which again is amazing for getting more wrap around results (made easier by the fact Brewer play books are smaller than the base TACs).

Stave and Scum don’t add much to other members (apart from mentioned above) of the team other than slowing down an enemy in Scums case and adding lots of Knock down and repositioning by Stave. Both generally don’t want to be at the forefront of a team but supporting with barrels or extra bodies when needed.

Stave does make it easier to clear paths though, he is your bulldozer. A well placed barrel and some ramming means a lot of a team could be knocked down and a long way from each other. Very nasty if a team is reliant on bubbles of boosts (would imagine this would hurt Ox a lot).

Hooper is who likes knock down models the most the extra damage plus what Tapper and Spigot can grant as well means Hopper can hit very hard and generally especially with his Heroic play for more TAC. (Min damage 4 is Butchers level of pain).

While a lot of captains are the lynchpin for a team, not so true for the Brewers that really is Spigot. Increase the speed and KICK of your team members (within the auras) plus boosting damage, means you wont have enough Spigot around to do everything you want.

He even helps out the young lass as well, Friday becomes incredibly hard to pin down as her DEF goes to crazy levels, while also getting one mighty impressive KICK stat as well.

All this and there is Stoker on his own setting things on fire…..

My initial feel for the team is you have Scum lurking near Tapper as much as possible both for INF and any ganging up fun. Spigot goes where he is needed (usually after the ball) with Friday not far behind ready to receive the ball. While Stave is knocking anything he can see down through barrels or just running into them. Then you have Hopper (and lesser extent Stoker) as the damage dealers of the team.

Position play is important for the Brewers but less so for the opponent team as you can knock them down or just move them out of the way easily. If there isn’t at least 2 models knocked down or in the wrong position the dice are being horrible to you.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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