Fermenting the Brewers – Stoker

When in doubt FIRE will solve all the problems, although not sure that is good when Fermenting….Its the turn of Stoker!


He is as fast as the majority of the team, while his DEF is also pretty average for the team (in other words could be better). He does rock a much better ARM than anyone else though, but suppose setting yourself on fire a lot means you also like protection.

His TAC is relatively good while his KICK is nice and worth while using him as a kicker when the occasion arises.

While his INF is average for most models in the game.

Character Traits

Magical Brew – At the starts of his activation he can remove all conditions on him and heal some damage as well. This is pretty powerful as it saves you Momentum points doing it the normal way. Or helps really heal him up if needed (also lets he deal with 2 Knockdowns in a turn for just 1 MP)

Burning Passion – This boosts his damage against models with the burning, which links with his other plays to self-boost. Always good for a friendly boost.

Heroic Play

Human Ball of Flame – An interesting play, basically you light Stoker up and let him lose. Any models touched by him during an advance gains Burning condition. Then at the end of the activation he takes 4 damage. If you can hit more than 2 players with this it is worth doing it as a way of getting lots of Burning out. But it also boosts himself if he can get into base contact with a charge target.


I may be being to see a pattern with Brewer playbooks… decent access to momentum? Check, Knock down? Check, Tackle, push and some damage? Check. They may all be slightly different but the basics are all there for the Brewers. His book is also shorter than his TAC so some potential wrap arounds as well.


Molotov – Costs 1 INF, hands out the burning condition as an AoE from a fair distance which is always good on something that may have survived the turn otherwise. As well as making an area to be wary off. Great defensive and offensive ability.

Flame Jet – Costs 2 INF, target hit with this will suffer 3 DMG and also the burning condition. Nasty as that is a fair amount of damage and means he could flame them then charge for the bonus damage.


Unusual choice as he brings plenty of burning, but it is only really him that gains much from it as a boost (but obviously lots of burning to hand out is funny). He is slightly different from the other team members and perhaps a bit more of a loner.

But he can also gain from the bonuses to damage from other sources to make him very danergous. Potential 4 DMG on 1 hit is nothing to be sniffed at.

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2 thoughts on “Fermenting the Brewers – Stoker

  1. Do keep in mind Stoker’s molotov ability only affects terrain. It is less versatile than the Alchemist’s AoE attacks.
    I am really excited to paint this guy and get him on the blog field. He really is a loner. I suspect he will be the brewer that the other team will hate facing. Stoker is very interesting.

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