Fermenting the Brewers – Friday

We all hate Mondays but with Fermenting the Brewers we love Friday.


She is the fastest Brewer around, which is handy as she does not want to get caught in combat as the ‘squishy’ team member her DEF is average though she does have ARM as well. Her TAC is pretty low while her KICK is the best in the team, she is the striker not the hitter as those 2 show, so treat her as such. Her INF is average as well so no real surprises.

Character Traits

Shadow like – A free dodge when she activates means she is the fastest Brewer around.

Defence Support (Spigot) – When she is near the old man she gains a boost to her DEF, making her much harder to hit.

Get Over Here (Scum) – Channeling her inner-scorpion, she can pull Scum towards her while the Cat is within 10”. It is only Scum’s bas MOV so it does mean if you want a ganging-up bonus you have to be close than the max range this allows.

Heroic Play

I Shot Better After a Beer – This is another HP that is well worth considering as it means she is nearly impossible to hit when near Spigot if she tries to flee (only works on parting blows) but also boosts her KICK stats which means she will have a healthy stat when going for a shot/pass (its pretty good to start with).


For a striker with low TAC she is as you would expect her book to be. Small with the important Tackle (which also generates momentum). There is nothing that you will generally be worried about beyond that Tackle and a push she has. Also the only Brewer who cant knock down.


Dirty Knives – Costs 2INF or 1 Guild Ball (which means 3 hits), Reduce the DEF, causes a point of damage and hands out poison. A nice little ability you probably want to try and get this off the charge but it is also handy for when you want to set models up to be hit as any debuff to DEF hurts.


While Spigot is the ball supplier, she is the ball user!! Generally the ball will be going towards her for goal scoring. However the opponent will be expecting that so use this against them as someone will be marking Friday, especially as she doesn’t have access to Knockdown. Use this to your advantage as long as Spigot is around most team members can score. This means Friday can be used as diversion to the real scorer.

Although obviously she can have a ridiculous KICK stat and is easily the best way to score but protect her and make sure she is not completely shut down.

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