Fermenting the Brewers – Spigot

Next up on the Fermenting the Brewers posts is Spigot.


He is faster than the Brewers we have seen so far, but his DEF is similar to others and again he has ARM to balance that. His TAC is pretty average as is his INF stats, however he does have a decent KICK which is really better anyway due to Football legend.

Character Traits

Football Legend – A great ability to have around as the aura just makes kicking so much easier. Even Scum could be tempted to kick with this around.

Floored – He gains additional TAC when he is targeting a knock-downed model. Which makes his possible playbook results impressive. On the charge he is one of the only players that could get double wrap, which is pretty impressive.

Heroic Play

Time’s Called – Wow! If you have been following these posts you will know the Brewers are not the fastest around. This solves a hell of a lot of problems +2 MOV means suddenly the Brewers become something to fear. The only issue is the need for some Momentum so they wont be getting this bonus early game and not all the team will benefit at once. But this could be game changing on top of Football legend as well.


He has a very similar book to the other brewers, sprinkling of damage supported by knock down and access to pushes as well. With a healthy access momentum as well and let us not ignore the momentous tackle on 1 for when you need it.


Tooled Up – Costs 1 INF, adds +1 DMG to a friendly model, this means you have to respect the Brewers a little as they can suddenly start hitting hard with this bonus. Shame they cant do it on multiples 🙂

Balls Gone – Costs 1 Guild Ball (which means 2 hits), basically a super tackle. You get to take the ball of an opponent without tackling them (so no close control) and then get a free pass to get the ball away from the opponent. Makes him an excellent defender sat behind the rest of the team.


He is the ball supplier for the team. If the opponent has the ball then he will take it off them if he can reach them (made easier with Heroic play). He is a support piece letting people kick better, cause more damage and move faster. He can literally do it all from the stand point, the problem is going to be you will want him everywhere and he cant manage that so deciding who he will support in a turn and how needs to be decided early so they can get the most out of him. Want Hooper to hurt something hard, easy. Help Friday get the ball into the goal? Done…. Doing both in one turn? Pretty difficult.

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2 thoughts on “Fermenting the Brewers – Spigot

  1. You made mention of the Brewers having loads of momentum. That is interesting because I did not notice lt. The Brewers are my first team. Although I have the Alchemists on the painting table, I do not like to play with unpainted models. It will take me some time before I can compare the Brewers to another team.

    1. The results generally Brewers aim to get first is the KD. It is what they are know for, they can also bring the pain with DMG output but not at butcher levels. They are also a surprisingly good at goal scoring if you get the right buffs in the right place at the right time 🙂 but that is half the skill with them.

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