Fermenting the Brewers – Hooper

Next up on the Fermenting the Brewers posts is Hooper.


His MOV is as good as the majority of the Brewers so nothing exciting here, but he does have a good melee reach so is more threatening than first viewed. His TAC is reasonable though, while his KICK is in that grey area of better than rubbish but possibly too low to risk a kick unless you boost it. His DEF is mediocre but does rock some ARM to balance this out.

He brings an average amount of INF to the table but unusually he can’t use much more himself. So he can’t do as much as some but he makes a decent defender.

Character Traits

Tough Hide – Like many other Brewers he has a tough hide. This reduces the damage they suffer from a play(book) by 1. This is pretty big as it is but mixed with wrap around results can make the really big hits scored very low.

Shove the Boot In – Additional damage done when he is targeting a knockdowned model. As it is easy to get KD in the Brewers you can usually get this when he does start swinging.

Heroic Play

True Grit – Removes all conditions on him, which in itself is pretty powerful, do this at the start of his activation and it doesn’t matter what has gone before (a stray barrel from Stave for instance). Then we add in some bonus TAC, which puts him into the scary zone of TAC.


Like a lot of Brewers he can usually hit some form of Momentum with his Book. While also having reasonable access to Knockdown. (which helps himself self-boost as well). He is not throwing out too much damage, but has access to pushes and the all-important tackle.


Tough Skin – Costs 1 INF, allows you to throw out some extra ARM to a friendly model which is always welcome.

Smashed Shins – Costs 1 Guild Ball (which means 3 hits), this reduces a targets KICK stat by -4 and also -4” as well. Basically even the best striker in the game is going to suffer with this on them. No scoring he Hooper lands this!!


Out of all the Brewers, Hooper is your damage dealer, If anyone is going to take an opponent out it is probably going to be him, with a bit of set up (Spigot and Knockdown) he is going to be doing min damage 3. Which is still not Butcher damage but is still pretty scary especially with his bonus TAC meaning a wraparound result is easier to get. He is also very effective at shutting down an opponents strikers. Between knock down and Smashed Shins they are not doing any fancy goal scoring anytime soon..

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