Fermenting the Brewers – Stave

Next up on the Fermenting the Brewers posts is the big guy Stave.


He has pretty standard Big guy stats which means his DEF is rubbish, the MOV is average and his KICK is also bad. He does rock a good TAC though (as good as Tapper) but he has no ARM and does not bring a lot of INF to the table.

Basically he is not much to look at as far as stats go.

Character Traits

Tough Hide – Like many other Brewers he has a tough hide. This reduces the damage they suffer from a play(book) by 1. This is pretty big as it is but mixed with wrap around results can make the really big hits scored very low.

Heroic Play

Explosive Brew – This boosts the Lob Barrel play to also do some damage as well as what it does which is a nice bonus. Just make sure you can hit as it would be a MP wasted if you miss.


He has decent access to Momentum across the book. With incredibly easy access to Knock down. It is a similar book to Tapper in many ways, you are not going to destroying models in one activation but can slowly build up as you keep knocking models down. As well as pushing models as well.


Ramming Speed – Costs 1 INF, when Stave advances any enemy models touched by him are pushed 2” away. This means you can play him like a stumbling drunk pinballing down the pitch you can really pick where you want the enemy.

Lob Barrel – Costs 2 INF, he chucks a barrel 6” away with an AoE 3 blast which will knock down all models hit andare pushed a big distance away from the centre of the AoE. This is huge as you can catch a lot of models and knock them down as well (plus damage if you used Heroic play). Alas you can only use it once a turn but can clear a pretty big path. With possible 8” gap between models now you can really mess up models dependent on auras etc..


Unusal big guy he is not going to wrack up loads of damage onto the enemy (but he can take a hit with loads of HP) he is however the king of knockdown and pushing. Need the enemy disrupted or just out of the way then Stave can get the job done. This is incredibly powerful in clearing kick lanes and just messing with an opponent’s different auras.

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