Fermenting the Brewers – Scum

Next round of Fermenting the Brewers, is the Mascot the angry cat Scum.


She is fast as you would expect from a cat. Her TAC is healthy for a mascot and her KICK is not worth considering unboosted. She is pretty hard to hit with a decent DEF and obviously with no ARM. She does not bring a lot of INF to the board but she can go where needed with the 1 INF you will generally give her.

Character Traits

Shadow like – A free dodge when she activates means she has crazy movement ability. She can literally be where you need her with 1 INF.

Unpredictable Movement – Popular ability, if an enemy ends up in her melee range she gets to dodge away. Watch out for larger melee zones as she can’t get away from them.


She doesn’t have a terribly exciting playbook but the cat has access to tackle (competes with her one play though) and has some access to momentum as well.


Hamstring – Costs 1 Guild ball (which is 3 hits), model hit suffers -4 MOV which hurts anyone in the game as we know. Almost worth getting her to hit something.


You don’t want the cat in combat unless the model has already activated to help with some ganging up on. She usually wants to be close to Tapper a lot as you can’t turn down the extra INF allowance it grants him (although he can get by without it). This is easily done as she can move much faster than him anyway.

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