Fermenting the Brewers – Tapper

Welcome to the next round of team talk posts, this time we are going to Fermenting the Brewers. I promise not to use to many drinking puns….Hops springs eternal!

Anyway first up as always is the captain, Tapper!


He is pretty average as far as his stats go to be honest, MOV is standard, perhaps a little slow if you are moving at the low end, although he does have a good melee range so his threat is greater than first seems. His TAC is healthy as you expect from a captain, like-wise his KICK is not bad he is certainly a capable kicker of the ball. His DEF is on the low side but is balanced by ARM (and tough hide). His INF is also a little low for a captain but is easily increased by a cat..

Character Traits

Tough Hide – One of the characterisitcs of the Brewers themselves they have a lot of tough hide. This reduces the damage they suffer from a play(book) by 1. This is pretty big as it is but mixed with wrap around results can make the really big hits scored very low.

Tactical Advice (Scum) – He listens well to the cat, which will boost to his maximum INF for the turn. This takes him up to average captain stats.

Heroic Play

Old Jake’s – For the cost of a MP, this is pretty good as he can boost any of his team with extra INF. Its only 2 but when you have mis-assigned it or you suddenly feel a player will need more. It allows for a very forgiving way to play with the Brewers (assuming you have some momentum of course).


He has a reasonable playbook with decent access to momentum across it (only 1 hit doesn’t have it). He is not going to do a lot of damage himself but can easily gain access to his plays easily enough. He also has access to knockdown (and is easier than tackling). He also does a lot of pushing which can mess with models that need to get close to him. He feeds his team opposition targets. Knock them down then move them to a better location.


Marker Target – Costs 1 INF or 1 Guild ball (which is 1 hit), Allows friendly models to gain a boost to their Charge range. This really helps out a lot of the crew as they are not the fastest.

Commanding Aura – Costs 2 INF or 2 Guild balls (which is 4 hits), this is an amazing ability as it creates a reasonable aura around Tapper that if it can catch a couple of enemies in means attacks against them gain +1 TAC and +1 DMG which is pretty impressive and is a great way to be a force multiplier.


He isn’t going to be knocking head together on his own, but he will grant a few bonuses for you team. Get him into a cluster of enemies and his plays come into their own. Commanding Aura will hurt teams if he can catch a few of them. His Heroic means he can be loaded up with INF and then after he has finished tou can decide who needs the bonus INF for the remaining activations of the turn.

A bit like Ox from the Butchers he makes a very good force multiplier for your team but he can make a great ball stealer (tackle and knock down) to get the ball where you want it.

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