Malifaux for Kids or KidFaux if you will

This is an amazing idea to get younger players involved with Malifaux 🙂

Over at, they have had an amazing idea!! But for those lazy few out there, here are the basic rules for KidFaux.

  • No printed text on front of cards or in actions used
  • Actions available to models are Walk, Melee, Shoot and Interact
    • Only use the Ml/Sh stat, range and the weak damage value in Attack Actions
  • No suits, no triggers, no Tactical Actions
  • No soulstones, though Initiative Flips may be cheated (just once per player)
  • In Opposed Duels only straight twists performed, i.e. cheating always allowed
  • The winner of an attack deals weak damage to the opposing model
  • Reduced hand of 3 cards

Make sure you use the link to see more Malifaux for Kids.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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