Building the Masons – Harmony

The Younger sister of Honour has a lot to live up to. Her sister was sought out after the War to lead and it’s only so long you can keep in the shadow before it’ll start to swallow you up unless you step out of it. Harmony doesn’t need the excitement and thrill of the Game like her sister, instead she sees it as a means to an end. With Rich Dignitaries, Princes and Guild Masters being so involved in the game she’s hoping to pick up a Husband before she suffers as so many others have.

However all of that doesn’t mean that Harmony doesn’t belong on the pitch. She has some skills and abilities which aren’t that common in the game let alone in the Guild. One of these means that her statistics aren’t really her statistics!


Mov – The normal 6”/8” (noticing a pattern here yet?) as with Honour & Marbles. Not the slowest but by no means the quickest. A nice steady number here.

Tac – 3 is a little low, in fact it’s horribly low outside of Mascots. However don’t worry, Harmony usually has that covered but we’ll look at that later. Harmony’s Playbook is also fairly well-balanced around the Family skill however she like her sister has some pretty decent low momentous results including tackle on 1, dodge on 2 and 2 momentous damage on 3.

Kick – For someone who’s not that flighty or super quick you’d expect her to shine somewhere, however it’s not here either. At 2/6” it’s at least got 6” on it but with only 2 dice you’re only at 75% chance to make an easy pass. Presuming she’s still playing in Season 2 she needs to get in some kicking practice.

Def – Something unique to the Masons human players outside of Union representation, a Def better of a 3+! At 5+ Harmony presents a different aspect to the defensive aspect of the Masons. Defensive Stance against charges combined with a Counter Attack against none 2” melee range opponents will mean they’ll only hit you once, maybe twice at best (which isn’t an issue if Brick is close to Protect her) and she can counter, pick up a couple of hits herself and dodge out of melee without taking any damage.

Arm – The reason Harmony is far more nimble than the rest of the Masons Team is that she’s forgotten to wear the armour they normally provide their players with. However in her defence how would she be able to show off her assets to suitable suitors covering herself up like the rest of the squad?

Inf – at 2/4 we’re back to the normal standard outfield player statistic you’d expect from most players. The 2 Inf she brings to a team will be farmed out in most turns however when she’s fully buffed being able to go to up to 4 Maximum Inf will turn her into a little wrecking ball.

Character Traits

Family [Honour] – Always in her Sisters Shadow that Harmony, actually it seems that pretty much suits her perfectly. When activating within 4” of her older sibling she replaces her Tac (3=6) and Kick (2/6=4/6) with those of her sisters. That Tac of 3 is now a 6, 4 Dice Kick, who cares if I’m engaged, this is easy! Now this means you’ll have 2 players (3 as Marbles is normally near Honour) grouped up, however having 2 Tac6 Players is something not many teams can have and when you’re allowed to activate them back-to-back without reply due to Honours Linked Skill you can really bring them to bear.

Protected [Brick] – Remember how I said you’ll have 3 players close together due to Family, you’ll now have 4 due to Protected if Bricks in the team. This 1Arm can help save her life due to only having a small amount of hit boxes but coupled with her high def it’s usually all she needs.

Back to the Shadows – Increaes her speed as if she causes damage during her activation she gets a free healthy dodge. Which can get her out of trouble or at least into a better position. Like need cover or Brick..


She has a decent playbook, it’s not as good as her Sisters (few are) but she still has the mentioned 3 good, easy to generate momentum results. She also has a reasonable damage output and even a 4 damage result at 6 Hits. Though she’ll normally need to either charge to have Family active to even dream of achieving these higher scoring results.


Acrobatic – Only player to have this skill, not 100% sure why it isn’t just Nimble so it could have more general uses but it’s Acrobatic so we have to live with that. +1Def to Parting Blows is still useful, activating it and advancing out of combat into a nice easy to hit target (Kraken, Stave etc) to generate momentum is my normal plan with this however being able to move out of combat when in possession of the ball is still fantastic. If Bricks close enough they’ll only hit you on 6’s with you having 1Arm. You’ll be keeping the ball unless you’re really unlucky in most situations.

Weak Point – Costs 1 Guild Ball (3/5 hits), target model removes a point of ARM from an enemy model. This is pretty nice as a set up for the hittier models in the faction. If she is going early in the turn it is worth considering just to make any model nervous for the rest of the turn. As that extra hit can make a very big difference.


That’s Part Two of the Sister Act for you, you’ll never take her without Honour being in the same team and at the moment that isn’t an option anyway. However in Future Seasons who knows, she might even no longer see Guildball as just a means to an end but instead something she wants to progress in maybe stepping up to become Captain herself. As I mentioned before she’s fairly tanky due to Def5+ along with 1Arm (if Bricks in the team) as well as being a bit of a bruiser and scoring threat due to her Family skill when activating near Honour. However if she gets picked on and ends up on the floor she’s going to go down quickly with no Arm to protect her so be careful.

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