Building the Masons – Marbles

The Team Mascots are something of a unique proposition in the game. These animal companions which follow their team captains all bring something different to the team they play for, luckily for the Masons Marbles is one of the best little mascots out there.

As I mentioned with Honour it’s the flexibility of the team which is their key to victory and Marbles maybe shows this more than any other player on the team. Marbles is firmly in the middle of all the statistics of the mascots with nothing special in any section but that doesn’t by any means make him weak.


Mov – His decent move of 6”/8” will keep him out of trouble vs most of the games heavy hitters but he can get bogged down by the quicker teams. Keep him out of trouble until you need him and use his half decent speed to get to where you need to when you need it. With 1 Inf he can engage from 9” away which will give you far more than any other mascot for a single Inf due to him providing both +1Tac (+2Tac with Ganging Up) and +1 Damage to Honour via his assist ability.

Tac – His Tac of 3 isn’t brilliant but in tandem with his playbook it is all you need at times. On the charge he picks up a pretty decent 7 Tac Attack, that’s enough to tackle a Defensive Stance’d Hemlock on average rolls.

Kick – This is little Marbles weakest statistic. With only 1/4” is isn’t much to write home about but with abilities such as Bonus Time or Mallets Football Legend to accompany it its workable.

Def – He’s not as nimble as a Cat so a solid def of 4+ while not fantastic it’s still one of the better numbers in the standard Masons line up. It means that some of the dangerous single dice plays only have a 50% chance to hit while even some of the two dice plays only hit 75% of the time. This’ll get you out of more than one sticky situation.

Arm – While not as nimble as the Cat he’s definitely more protected once he gets hit. 1 Arm isn’t the best value on a Mascot however it’s by no means the worse. 1 Arm won’t protect him against someone like Boar or Ox however against those nifty little strikers looking to get a quick bounce after a normal advance into melee it might just tip the odds in your favour.

Inf – Pretty average for a mascot here. He adds one to your pool which is always good and in most turn you’ll feed it back into him to keep up with your team, run into Assist range or use one of his Character Plays. There are occasions when you’ll want to give him two though, I’ll let you work out the best time for that though.

Character Traits

Loved Creature – Seen on other mascots, when Marbles takes some damage he hands out a TAC bonus to the team. Which is pretty nasty as more dice hopefully means more hits….unless you have my dice

Go Ape (Brick) – While he stays near Brick he gains Counter Charge, that means you have 2 models on the board that have access to it. Can bring some great images of the ape charging in then his bigger buddy joining in as well. The potential could be pretty nasty!


Marbles Playbook isn’t that long, only 3. However each pip has a momentous result which is always useful. Having Tackle on the first result can be goal saving as well. Being able to quickly tackle then move away is always good but having the tools to get the enemy model with the ball to move towards your little tackle monkey is also a tool you hold.


Goad – This is one of the most useful skills out there. Want to trigger Loved Creature? Give them reason. Want Friday to move away from the Goal? Get her attention. Want Boar to advance into that Building? Yeah, it does that too. That last ones something which you’ll need to get used to before being able to use it as best it could. It requires you to start your activation within 6” of the target, and then be able to move to behind cover without any intervening friendly models either engaging your target or along his travel path. If you do this right you can tie up an opponent like Boar for a couple of turns, not bad for 1 Inf from your mascot. However this isn’t something you’ll be able to use every game and isn’t something even when you get chance to you’ll be able to pull off. But when you do, it’s really really satisfying.


He makes a great INF battery like Brick if you keep him near Brick which can both limit your placing but also covering a nice area of pitch to 2 different count charges. He helps out Honour a lot as well so getting his placing is going to be a balancing act.

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