Building the Masons – Honour

Welcome to a new round of in the Team Talk series this time its the Masons go. My huge thanks for @LiamCJordan for taking the time and doing these for me. First up the Captain!!

Honour is one of the two building blocks all Masons Teams are built upon. This former gifted War Commander will one of the two ever presents in your side (until Season 2) and getting the most out of her will be what will either push you forward towards victory or drag you back and leave the Masons languishing at the bottom of the table.


Mov – Honour isn’t a slouch, she’s a very dependable 6”/8”. This isn’t the quickest of any of the captains but is neither the slowest, this perfectly sums up the Masons. This team with no over reaching play style but instead a team able to adapt to any situation. She has a nice 7” threat on an advance which moves up to 9” on a Charge, a pretty respectable distance when you consider the next statistic of value.

Tac – Here we go, as some who’s accustomed to War you’d expect a nice decent number here and you aren’t to be disappointed. A Tac of 6 is pretty decent, especially when combined with a pretty fantastic playbook.

Kick – At 4/6” this is a little special. You can push though even tackle zones to make a reliable pass which is something not many of the Captains or even Strikers in the Game can manage with any sense of reliability. She’ll give you (while engaged) a 87.5% chance of success, not bad at all really.

Def – The one generally standard weak point of the Masons Team. Being clad in the nicely crafted armour can leave you unable to move as freely as you might wish. This can leave you more susceptible to Character Plays however in one on one combat in the middle of the field the 2 ARM which accompanies this Def 3+ will usually more than offset this.

Arm – As mentioned before, ARM 2 is a little special in the World of Guild Ball. No other team outside of using Character plays can get that high. Arm does have a mathematical edge in some environments but doesn’t protect you from Character Plays so learn how to know when it will save you and when it won’t. You’ll need to.

Inf – The last standard value on every card. Honour picks up at reliable 3/6. 3 isn’t by any means the most any captain brings to the table but 6 is one of the better values for top loading. With 6 Inf she’ll be able to take down just about any target.

Character Traits

Linked [Harmony] – Lets you activate Harmony after activating Honour. This ability is unique in the game and can be seriously powerful if employed in the right way at the right time. Back to Back activations don’t happen that often for a reason. In your previous turn you’ve pushed Harmony up the field and she’s been protected by Brick or her high Def. At the start of your next turn you can have Honour charge the enemy with the ball, tackle, dodge away and pass to Harmony, then before your opponent can react you can push Harmony to Sprint towards the Goal and Shoot, all without the aid of burning Momentum or having to risk a Snap Shot. A little good. However just be aware that if you have the first activation of a turn and choose to use this while there are an even number of players on the field for both teams your opponent will get a double activation with their last two activations as well. This is a powerful ability but don’t over use it as it can land you in trouble.

Poised – Once a turn you get a free counter attack without the need to spend Momentum. This is a strong ability as it keeps that precious MP for other things.

Assist [Marbles] – The 2nd skill which required another player, this time not her sister but her trust sidekick. Assist is one of the best damaging abilities in the game but does take some getting used to make the most out of. Against a solo target Honour will be rolling 8 Dice (her 6, Marbles Assist 7 and the Ganging Up bonus 8) with +1 Damage to any results granting damage. The magic number here is 7. Being able to wrap around and combine the 4(5) and 1(2) damage together means it will stack up pretty well, even better if you can make it 4(6) and 1(3) for a total of 9 damage with another damage buff. I‘ll cover how to make the most of this later.

Legendary Play

A 6″ pulse that can do one of two things for your team. They either get +1ARM or 1 INF, obviously when you want to use it early in a turn to get the maximum benefit from it. As the ARM means the entire team is that much harder to get good playbook results from which is huge in a faction with a lot of ARM already. However the truly stunning possibility is the extra INF for everyone, this can equate to 6 extra INF in a turn assuming you have Bricked (haha) with the team.

The ARM can be incredibly useful blunting a big strike from your opponents but you could hit back with more with INF.


I keep mentioning this fantastic Playbook, time to explain why. 1 Damage on 1, 1 Momentous Damage Double Dodge and 2 Momentous Damage on 2. Momentous Push Dodge on 3, all really fantastic low results. Sure at the higher levels you have 3 Damage, Double Push, 4 Damage of Even Knockdown but those are useful only in certain circumstances, the 1st 3 columns on any Playbook are the useful ones you’ll use all the time though, this is where she shines.

Having tackle on 1 hit, 1 hit! Not to mention it’s Momentous to boot. The Double Dodge is where the money is though, On only 2 hits you can bounce around slightly grouped enemy models to free up impressive lanes or angles. Boar in your way? Attack him, you’ll easily grab 2 his, get out of melee, charge into someone else and go to town.


Quick Time – I find myself using this all the time. For 2 Inf you can allow any friendly model within 4” a 2” dodge. This is not only a Threat Extender (allowing Honour an 11” charge range) but something which can allow you to get out of trouble. If you know that someone is planning on charging into a player to build easy momentum and you can just nudge them back out of threat range then why not? It makes perfect sense.

Superior Strategy – This is maybe the most situational Character Play I’m yet to come across. For 4 Inf you can allow a player a 2nd activation. It’s most basic use to allow someone an additional attack, if you’ve put the wrong amount of inf in the wrong place giving someone, that little bonus to take out an opponents key player can be game correcting, however it also has some other useful uses. Feel free to Sprint Flint his 8”, Dodge for 4” then Jog him for another 6” before Shooting 10”. Not a bad threat on goal is 28” is it?


Anyway if you’ve read this far you’ve got more time than sense. I’ll be trying to cover all the players over the coming week or so so stay tuned for our next edition where we look at Honours faithful companion, our very own king of the Guild Ball Jungle, Marbles.

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