Summer Slapdown – Pre-tournament rundown

So here are my pre-thoughts about the tournament I am attending on Sunday at the Gird. To all those attending this may or may not be a bluff on my part…

Round 1 – Turf War, Standard Deployment

Nice and easy start, get in the middle and stay there. I really enjoy Turf War mainly as when I am testing new masters this is a default strategy (and I test a lot of masters).

  • Schemes: Line in the Sand, Distract, Assassinate, Deliver a Message, Take Prisoner

Right from the off lets park LitS and Take Prisoner, although opponent specific for me its not worth the gamble at this stage to try and pull off.

Assassinate is Master dependent as well, I could aim for this one but by no means ever easy. People will know I spent a long time going against Ressers which generally takes this off the table. So I have become loathed to take it.

So that leaves me with Deliver a Message and Distract, both up close and personal ones but also I think I can achieve these better than the others.

I think Outcasts can have the speed to hit DaM OK without too many issues. Depending on the list I take, while Distract is the best of a bad bunch. However since this is turf war we are dealing with it does mean 2 model are going to be in a spot I know so at least if I can get to them shouldn’t be an issue.

Round 2 – Headhunter, Corner Deployment

An interesting Strategy which is a balance between killing and scheme running. It’s certainly a thought provoking one.

Looking at that balance is a tricking one as there is not much accomplice around in my lists so tough to pick up those markers straight away.

  • Schemes: Line in the Sand, Protect Territory, Bodyguard, Entourage, Murder Protege

Again LitS is a bit of a meh so will be ignored (but still considered on the day).

Murder Protege is opponent specific as I will imagine at least one big hitter in the list I am facing so having to pick that may or may not be very wise.

That leaves me with Protect Territory, Bodyguard and Entourage. So Protect territory is nice easy one to achive drop couple of markers hidden away job done. Bodyguard is a tough one to choose on 2 fronts its Headhunter so things will die and also no guarantee we will see turn 5. Entourage is also worth considering with Outcasts due to the speed the masters can reach.

Round 3 – Reckoning, Close Deployment

Really dislike this one, never been a fan of it small elite crews just avoiding each other to trying to not give up points (my experience). At least with close deployment it could be over quick 😉

Schemes: Line in the Sand, Breakthrough, Distract, Plant Explosives, Cursed Object

 LitS we have covered and still stands to be honest, ignore unless I have too.

Breakthrough is a no-brainer almost with close deployment some models can be dropping markers turn 1 so not terrible one to consider to score.

Distract and Cursed Object are pretty similar ones so becomes a case of which one you can score off the most. With Cursed probably coming out on top due to only needing one model to have it to claim a VP.

Plant Explosives is an odd one as generally you will see smaller crews in this strategy sooooo less chance to claim full points. Cant call if this one will be worth it.

I think this one could be an uphill struggle for me this weekend as such I will be aiming for 1 win at some point in the day and just hope I can give go game for the other 2.

After some analysis in the last 3 tournaments I have attended I have lost round 1 all 3 times so putting that right would be pretty cool but we shall see. Again with the tracking I have been doing my VP is extremely close across the tournaments so keeping that up and maybe creep into the positive diff would be great for me. So in an ideal world based on who I know is coming to this tournament AND what I hope/expect of myself a result of 1-2 with +2 diff would be helpful.

As for the masters I will be taking a couple but which ones I use has probably become my biggest head ache now. Hopefully I can make a decision soon but we shall see, fly by the seat on ones pants works right 😉

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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