Bayou Bear – Performer

The girls that get themselves around a LOT, the tarts 😉 Its time to look at the Performers possibly almost as popular as a Merc as the Freikorp Trappers. This sort of falls into the Bayou bear articles BUT as she offers a lot in general and that gets multiplied by anything with a nod towards poison using lists.


Across the board they are the picture of average! Perhaps the only models in the game to have so many of the same stat values. Although she can’t charge but that is not really their thing, cost even with the Merc tax is not bad for what she can do.


On to their abilities;

Manipulative – Before they activate, if they are targeted by an enemy model then they need to pass a reasonable Wp duel. Better than Horror as it never ends till they activated but worse as it doesn’t stop more targeting.

Precious – When they are killed/sacrificed, then a friendly Minion/Showgirl nearby gains reactivate, which is very nice as you gain something from losing them.

Don’t Mind Me – Extremely powerful ability that lets you Interact while engaged, for her cost this is massive and worth using a lot. Only issue is that she does not want to be in engaged as she is pretty squishy with those stats.

Attack Actions

Poisoned Hairpin – Decent Ml attack that does relatively low damage although but also hands out some poison as well. Pretty straight forward attack not messing.

Siren Call – A decent Ca attack that only needs a 4 to hit the TN and is resisted against Wp. The range is also nice which will help keep them out of harms way. What this does is push the target its Wk towards the Performer, not as powerful as Lure but it’s the triggers which make it nasty.

  • To Their Doom -Crows – If target ends in base contact then it becomes paralyzed.
  • Deadly Dance – Rams – If target ends in range then you get a free Ml attack.
  • A Sip of Wine – TomesThe target suffers damage equal to its poison level, then remove the condition.
Tactical actions

Seduction – Needs a 7 to achieve the TN, they target a Scheme Marker (friendly OR enemy). Then all enemy models close to it must pass a Wp duel or gain the Seduced condition.

This hands out double negative on Df and Wp duels till the end of the turn.


They fit so well into any crew that has potential to deal out lots of poison and/or with some Wp fun and games. From my standpoint Brewmaster is obviously a popular use for them. Don’t mind me is a rare ability and is worth the points outside of Arcanists. With all the Wp duels they hand out I can see possibilities in Neverborn and Pandora as well.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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