Meat The Butchers – Rage

After the Meat the Butchers blog post I thought I would look at the Union merc players I can tempt with some coin to play for me. First up is Mr Angry RAGE!!!


He is average as far as things go for his MOV, but his TAC is a decent amount. For someone who is angry, he can actually kick the ball reasonably which is surprising. He is also pretty hard to hit for a hitter which is not bad really. He has no ARM, while his INF stats shocking but like Boar we will see why!

Character Traits

Selective – This lets you know which sides he will kick for, but we will keep eye on just the Butchers.

Maverick – An unusual one as he cannot be effect ted by friendly plays and traits. This means you can’t direct buff him, which is a shame. However it is worth pointing out if you debuff an enemy it still counts.

Berserk – Same rule as Boar, if he causes damage with a hit he gets to have a free second swing.

Furious – Again like Boar he gets to Charge for free.

Crucial Artery – When damaging models he automatically hands out the Bleed condition (Boilers dad?).


He has an eventful playbook, with a decent chance of generating momentum. He does have access to knock down but no pushes/dodges. The damage looks low but that is to be expected with Bleed being automatic.


Tooled Up – Costs 1 INF and allows a friendly model to gain +1 damage on their plays. This one is as unusual one as it would be great to have another source of this in the Butchers BUT it means you have to give up 2 attacks (see Berserk) from Rage to do it.

Concussion – Costs 2 Guild Balls (equivalent of 5 or 6 hits). Nasty ability that removes INF from the model hit. With the number of attacks he can generate this can remove a lot of resources from the enemy especially if they have not activated yet.


Rage offers something very interesting for the Butchers, he is a second INF efficient model like Boar. However due to the slightly lower damage output possible due to Maverick neutering him in that sense. He offers something else in some enemy INF effects namely in Concussion. While Boar hunts without any concern. I do think Rage offers something more of a thinking nutter. Target unactivated models with him, you will be getting free hits from them. Use it for Knock down or Concussion while also getting free Bleed as well. I do think however you may not be doing Tooled Up that often. Aim to get your 4 attacks that should hopefully strip some INF off a model and also do some damage on top of Bleed and Knockdown if you need it.

The tough question I can’t answer at the moment is to pair him with Boar or swap him out for Boar.

2 thoughts on “Meat The Butchers – Rage

  1. Interesting read bear as ive now got a game in with Rage. In the one game ive had I wasn’t impressed as he seems to be a beater but he turns out to be a finisher. Once hes engaged he cant charge so then you are left with his lone Inf attack and bezerk attack.

    If you can hurt a player first then he can go in and finish them off to charge again the next turn. If that’s the case where you have to hurt a player first why not use Minx first?

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