#ToMB2 Month 4

So Month 3 with Lazrus and Hans was finished well within in time which was good 🙂

I have even managed to get a tournament in which was good and even with a win ratio of 1-2 it was still good.

What I have found out is I love Von Schill and really should have made the last tournament just about him and have it as a #ToMB2 event   🙂

However I didn’t so we move on, especially as I learnt maybe the Viks are too swingy (in how the games go) for me to enjoy them as much as other masters.

With this in mind I will be spending some time with Tara seeing if I can get her down or not.

So what this means is Month 4 purchase is going to be a simple one Hannah!

I don’t have many Henchmen in my collection and with her Freikorps background works with what I want from Von Schill but she also has the bury ability which I am sure could help Tara in certain situations!

After this not sure if there will be many more purchases but we shall see.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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