Meat The Butchers – Team Talk

Welcome to the Team Talk post about the Butchers, for those that missed it you can find all the individual posts about the team members here;

The aim of this post is to point out some of the synergy within a team and so little tactics I have tried.

Lets look at the Master Butcher first he greatly boosts the rest of the crew as mentioned, on a given turn he can boost the crew to be doing +2 DMG, however if you can gang up on an opponent. Preferably one that has already activated this jumps to +3DMG as long as you get your playbook result. Which is easier on the charge.

He can also generally keep -1 ARM on one opponent going most turns with his Character Play BUT you wont need it when using his Legendary play. At the moment I believe that just the -1ARM is fine in the majority of times, -2ARM doesn’t add too much unless you are going for a heavy target, that will generally also have lower DEF anyway. So becomes a balancing act between damage versus more hits not being removed by the ARM.

Boar loves the fight that the captain brings and you will probably see these two working together a lot in games (see the story in the rulebook) as Boar is VERY influence efficient but he becomes extremely scary near Ox. Due to his high TAC and ability to get 4 possible attacks a turn under Legendary play terms you can easily be looking at anything from 16 to 28 damage being generated by the big guy. This is before we think about adding in Ox’s character plays as well. This can if the enemy cluster too much take out 2 of the squishier models in one turn just by boar.

It is worth mentioning that due to the way the movement rules work it can be VERY hard to pin Boar down. As he has easy access to Knock down its simple enough to beat something up first then knock down and charge out.

Now Princess hands out bleeding that both Meathook and Boiler love to have around so keeping the mascot close to these players would be helpful. Furthermore both Brisket and Boiler gain some great bonuses when near the pup, so you will need to balance between helping your goal scorer OR your young lad who loves cutting.

The ladies of the team work well together as they both have decent Kick stats but also Meathook loves conditions for one of her plays. Brisket (Boiler and Princess as well) has one of the ways to get a condition onto the opponent.

Shank is your lone horse at the back as not many opponents are getting through the Butchers front line without taking some Damage. Shank becomes very dangerous in this way as it allows him his bonus for charging so he makes a great way of tying models up from across the board due to his large melee range. What makes him worse is that he has a relatively cheap (big) dodge as well which means he can almost reach something half way across the table. Now that is FAST!

Keeping this mind though he can be a force multiplier with his Thousand Cuts play as something taking that amount of negative to its DEF is going to be in a word of pain. This makes it a balancing act between using him as a defender or helping other models get more hits.

If Brisket is not doing anything in particular other than goal hanging than Princess is probably better with Boiler (they make a mini Ox and Boar combo). In which princess makes the little lad scarier than he already is. But like Boar he makes a nasty possibility when also near Ox.

That +3DMG plus +1 from princess means he can hit as hard as Boar but with the added benefit of Bleed condition being built-in. This takes him past Boar in that situation. Boiler is the Butcher’s Scalpel use him as such. He requires more set up than Boar but he adds a threat people wont see coming as they are more worried about the rest of the team.

Meathook is going to want to be on the outskirts of fights as she waits to take advantage. She needs Boiler and Princess to make her faster. But she also needs other models to help her make best use of her Heroic play. However she can help boost a friendly even more with Tooled Up. She makes Boiler the Scalpel and Boar the cleaver even scarier than they already are. But I think she needs to sit in-between the rest of the team and Brisket (who should be goal hanging) ready to feed the ball to Brisket or get the ball away from others.
Finally worth mentioning her ability to slow models down, butchers struggle if teams spread out and Meathook can really mess with that.


As you can see the Butchers are about pain however they are far from being a straight forward team. They have as many layers as the other teams, yes out of the box they are going to be strong for new players as resorting to damage is an easy thing to do BUT don’t underestimate their ability to score goals as well.

Brisket is very good for it, the simple use of INF to tackle, dodge (2”), move (6”), super shot, shot (10”) and SCORE! Is relatively simple to do and actual gives you a goal threat range of 18” which is by no means short!

For the butchers in generally they are going to do well to eat opposition teams, however they do work in bubbles to really be more efficient at doing this. Be wary of teams that spread out as you will not be able to bring the hurt across the whole team. However aim for an opponent and go to town. With the little tag teams you can have you are easily going to take one model out a turn. This does mean you can be more open to goals being scored against you so bear that in mind with positioning. People will naturally pull towards the ball, either to get possession OR protect the player with it. Use this to your advantage as there is more likely going to be a little crowd to bring the hurt too.

Target priorities is going to be important for the butchers, accept that the opponents will probably score at least one goal against you but doing so will leave them open as well. Everyone likes to see the goal scorer go down after showing off 😉

Well there is the first set of team talk posts with Meat the Butchers I hope they have been helpful. I will try to do this for all teams BUT I will need help.

2 thoughts on “Meat The Butchers – Team Talk

  1. Fantastic! Thanks docbungle (it’s so weird, keep hearing the Rainbow theme in my head). Just getting into GB and picked the Butchers as I was one in real life for years but since getting them I was thinking I might not get much out of them tactically apart from CHARGE! Now I’m realising it’s about synergy, combat effectiveness and taking the right targets out. Not to mention momentum generation. Cheers for this and keep up the good work!

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