Meat The Butchers – Meathook

The last member of the season 1 Butchers and certainly not last, she could be the most unhinged one which takes some doing especially as she seems to enjoy it; Its Meathook time.


She is fast alongside the other nimble members of the team. Her TAC is pretty good and her Kick stats are on par with Ox so not too shabby, this gives another potential threat on goal if the occasion arsies. Her DEF is average and she also has some ARM. Her INF input is average but like Shank she doesn’t take much back out again.

Character Traits

Smell Blood – Grants her bonus charge movement if the target has the Bleed condition. She also gains +1 DMG when damaging a model with the condition on it. Almost self-buffs herself in that way.

Crucial Artery – Regardless of what damage she does, the target will also suffer the Bleed condition.

Hooked – When she damages a model with playbook damage then they also receive a -1 to their DEF. Which is a great Buff for the rest of the Butchers to have around, especially on a target you can gang up on.

Heroic Play

Sanguine Pool – This is a small pulse around her that hands out -4 MOV and the bleed condition. The bubble isn’t huge but you could catch a couple of players in it and those debuffs will hurt even the fast players.


She has decent access to momentum in her playbook and unlike other Butchers she has 2 separate Tackles. Like Boiler her easy access to Bleed does make her damage output look low but is easily supplemented. She also has some healthy pushing ability as well.


Tooled Up – Costs 1 INF. Target friendly gains +1 DMG to their plays, but can only target a model a turn.

Scything Blow – Costs 1 Guild Ball (equivalent of 4 hits). All models in her melee range (only 1”) takes 3 DMG. Can be very nasty BUT as she only has a small are of effect not as powerful as it could be!


She is a decent buffer (read – debuffer) for the butchers, her Hooker trait is very nasty and suits the pack mentality of the butchers.

She also sort of buffs herself (and Fillet) by easily handing out Bleed condition. While also being very good at the momentum game like all butchers.

She is a credible goal threat although not your first choice really. But don’t fall into the trap of charging her into a pack and expecting a Scything Blow (with added Bleed) to be spread across multiple models, due to her 1” melee she is going to suffer a lot of gang outs. Much better to target one model and then use her Heroic for a better outcome with the MOV debuff.

She can easily fit into any team and with Tooled Up around as well she can make anyone very very scary.

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2 thoughts on “Meat The Butchers – Meathook

  1. Scything Blow also tricky as can damage your own players so may hinder ganging up, though take Rage as her play buddy means he won’t care if he is too close.

    Because of the speed you’ve mentioned, I like to use her as an anti Flint (or equivalent) player as she can not only damage him and/or Tackle, but she can also slow him down with Sanguine Pool.

    1. It’s the odd balance as scything blow would be worse with bigger reach. But with her smaller 1″ I am not worried so much.

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