Bendy Boards Mob Football Review

Those lovely chaps over at Bendy Boards have been very busy recently and have managed to get some lovely counter/templates/markers that you can use in your Guild Ball games.

I have a selection to cover, so lets get to it;

Kick Template

First up the incredibly useful Kick Template, Guild Ball  has a lot of kicking in it…be it the ball or each other!! For those odd times you kick the ball this will help loads. Its small enough to not get in the way and makes your life so much easier 🙂

Well finished like all the BB products, just generally excellent!

I will say I have all the MDF versions of the BB products mainly as I love the smell of it. However you can get some lovely coloured plastic ones as well in a whole rainbow of colours. Players choice 😉


A special thanks to my lovely assistant for this, Merris LaCroix (as I don’t have any GB models yet, can’t decide but that is a different problem). Nice and snig and as you can see not much space taken up.


Scatter Template

Like the kick template you will need this when the ball scatters off anything but a kick. Like the Kick Template it is a good size not only to see the clear numbers but also shouldn’t impact board coverage in the hurley burly world of GB.


The ball sits on a 30mm base and the base fits nicely into the centre hole with little gap, means it is pretty easy to place then move the ball accurately with little disturbance.


Momentum Tracker

A mass of bits….que the A-Team music and let’s get building!!


Oooo look at that shiny Momentum/score tracker. Once the glue is set we are good to go and it is a nice little piece. The dial movement is free and easy while it still feels chunky for even the biggest fingers!


As many will know I am great advocate for the BB boys they do some great stuff, but this little counter has really really impressed me. I have one of their Malifaux turn/score counters and I love the usefulness of that product. This one however is just as useful BUT the build quality and feel of it is million times better (which takes some doing). Lee has really stepped up his game with these new products and it shows.


Influence Counters

Influence markers this things are a great they look the part with the nod towards looking like balls. One pack is enough to cover any normal game (for one player). It is so important to keep track of your influence especially with so many ways that the numbers can change during a game/turn looking at you Masons and Morticians!


They are also a nice size that they will not get into the way even if you don’t stack them!


Conditions Set

Like the influence markers, conditions are very important (Alchemists may need more than one set).

It covers the 4 main conditions and I believe outside of certain team builds you will have enough markers to keep you going which is important.

As I have said (broken record) they are finished well and the text is in a nice easy to read font even at distance. You will also get some larger tokens to use on the those larger bases models.


As Merris shows they fit snuggly to a base, anything that reduces the footprint of in-game tokens is a good thing in anyones book and you can’t get much snugger that these bad boys, perhaps a favourite blanket and hot chocolate…


Intercept Template

Finally the Intercept Template, now this is an odd one as I truly believe you wont need this in a casual game (personal standpoint) as you should be able to agree with your mate whether a ball is intercepted or not.


However in a tournament or more general competitive play, this will be very helpful as it removes any arguments about it. Does the base cross the template? Then ball is intercepted job done the length is actually very good as it can double as a movement ruler as well. Most models normally are not going to move or kick further than 8” (yes I know some can). So if you forget your tape measure this will also do the job for you.



If you are playing Guild Ball, then you want these products! No ifs, buts, maybes all of them are useful and make the game easier. They are priced really well be it for the cheap MDFs (yes I live in Yorkshire and yes the tightfistedness is catching) or the lovely clear plastics. Bendy Boards have the options so go onto their website and pick some bits up for yourself. Tell them Bear made you do it, it’s usually my fault.

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