Meat The Butchers – Shank

In a team full of nutters surely Shank is just a little bit creepy? We shall see..


He is average as far as things go for his MOV, but his TAC is reasonable. This does mean that his Kick is poor, not as bad as Boar but not much better. His DEF is average and he suffers from no ARM, his INF stats is also pretty average, although he is relativey non selfish as he doesn’t take too much out of the pool.

Character Traits

Damaged Target – When charging a damaged model he gets a boost to his MOV during it. With his 2” melee range he can reach a lot of the board.


Everything but the guild ball markers, generates momentum. He has lots of access to lots of dodges and decent damage output at the same time. He hits and he dodges try and pin him down if you can.


Where’d They Go? – Costs 1 Guild Ball (equivalent of 3 hits). Allows Shank to dodge a huge distance than is normally seen. But he can only do it once a turn.

Thousand Cuts – Costs 3 Guild Balls (equivalent of 5 hits). This hands out a nasty -2 DEF plus token 1 DMG.


He makes an excellent defender the later into the game it goes. As the opposition start to take damage from the rest of the crew. He can really be anywhere on the pitch you choose for him (if he can charge, which is easy with where’d they go). He also makes a very effective momentum generator as well. Even 1 hit will get you some Momentum.
So you have the balance of get him in early and generate lots of MP for the rest of the team or use him as a fixer charging around blocking the opposition.

His speed also makes him a reasonable back-up striker but you will need to boost his dice pool for the shot just to make sure.

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