Meat The Butchers – Brisket

Next in the Meat the Butchers series is the star of the show, the striker for the butchers. Brisket.


She is pretty fast alongside some of the other members of the team she can leave Boar and Ox behind though. Her TAC is a little low, while she has the best Kick stats of the butchers currently both for dice pool and range. Her DEF is average but she does have ARM to help with that, her INF stats are also pretty average.

Character Traits

Unpredictable Movement – When an enemy model gets into her melee zone she can make a 2” dodge move. This makes her very hard to pin down, however it is only once per turn so a clever opponent will force you to take it early and leave her high and dry so be careful.

Charmed – If a Male attacks her, her DEF gets a bonus. Again a nice little bonus to have although the balance between males and females means she can be pretty well protected from a lot of models. But don’t bank on it all the time.


Almost to reiterate the feeling that Brisket is the superstar of the Butchers any result in the playbook can generate momentum! Her damage starts low but as we have seen buffing damage is not an issue for the team! But the momentous tackle on one hit on a model that is a striker has to be a good thing.


Super Shot – This boosts her Kick stats to make her pretty accurate and is a shining light in goal scoring, in a team that just hurts people as standard.

Dirty Knives – Costs 2 Guild Balls (equivalent of 3 hits). A targeted enemy takes a hit to their DEF, takes a point of DMG and also gains poison. Pretty nasty for something that has reasonable range on it. Again buffing friendlies by debuffing enemies is great way round a lot of models.


She is the goal scorer for the butchers and she is pretty good at it! Don’t be afraid to use her in that way as the rest of the team can deal with stomping teams into the dirt let her goal hang ready for the off chance that you can get the ball to her!
In a goal scoring position as she will generally not let you down! In an Ox crew she can easily bring the pain as well while within his bubbles especially on a charge.

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