Meat The Butchers – Boar

Next in the Meat the Butchers series is the Big Man Boar.


He is the slowest moving Butcher which makes sense for something so big. His TAC is huge, he has scary amount of it although his Kick stats do suffer as you would expect. Like all big monsters he has low DEF (but not the lowest around), he also doesn’t have ARM. He does have some healthy HP and ways to keep going as well. He generates 1 INF and can use 1 INF, so basically the most efficient model around. As to why we shall see from his traits.

Character Traits

Bezerk – If he damages a enemy model he can make an additional attack without spending INF (this is not an infinite loop). This means he is self-reliant on himself and no-one else really.

Furious – He gets to Charge without spending INF. This means he can generate a few number of hits during his activation with little INF around.

Life Drinker – When he damages a model he gains 1 health back, which means with a point of momentum he could heal 8 points a turn. This will keep the big guy going for a long time.


He has a pretty full playbook, with plenty of damage around plus all none damage is related to a debuff (knock down or his play) with a bit of pushing in there as well.


Concussion – Costs 2 Guild Balls (equivalent of 4/7 hits). Target loses a point of INF they have on themselves. In theory you could take 4 INF of someone but in reality looking at maybe 1/2 depending if you want to Knockdown as well (as you are damaging to trigger extra hits aren’t you 😉 )


A self-reliant monster that takes his one INF and goes on to try and ‘generate’ more as he goes. He has the potential to create 4 attacks from that 1 INF so he can be scary. He comes with some nice debuffs as well which just adds insult to the injury he causes.

Like a lot of the big men he makes a great target for team buffs as he is pretty straight forward; STOMP!!

EDIT: always remember you dont need to move first ala WM/H. You can knock something down freeing an engaged Boar up to get his free charge.. 😉

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