Meat The Butchers – Princess

Next in the Meat the Butchers series is the most loyal of mascots…..Sorry did I say loyal? I meant vicious perhaps slobbering. Todays post will be looking at Princess.


She is pretty fast with good base MOV which means she doesn’t need INF to keep up with most of the team. Her TAC is average while we wont mention her Kick stats, although image of a dog humping the ball into the goal is hilarious. Her DEF isn’t too bad and surprisingly she also has ARM as well. Not bad as things go.

Character Traits

Loved Creature – A few mascots have this, basically if you hit the dog you are going to annoy the team. When she takes damage from an enemy other Guild friendly models gain +1 TAC which is very nice in a team like Butchers.


Nothing to major on her playbook, although she can generate momentum with almost any result. Which is handy plus she can momentously tackle (I will let that image settle 🙂 ).


Blood – Costs 1 Guild Ball (equivalent of 2 hits). The target model gains the Bleed condition, which is nasty but also the condition Butchers like

Rabid Animal – Costs 2 Guild Balls (equivalent of 3 hits). This hands out a big negative to MOV (-4 is very nasty) and it also hands out poison!


Nice doggy this one, take your arm off she will. Like her master (Ox) she is a bit of a force multiplier as if she gets hit that is good if you have things left to go but also she has relatively easy access to Bleed which we will see helps a few of the team members.

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