McMourning for MacMillan #WAAC2015

WAACThanks to the amazing guys from Wyrd I have a McM crew box coming to form part of raffle prize.

So whats the plan, I need many peoples help, as I want this to be a very nicely painted crew (hence I aint touching it).

The theme is Green as you will have guessed, apart from that all things are open. Obviously the Nurses have to look amazing as damn it the MacMillan Nurses are what it is all about.

So the plan is to create a 50ss crew to raffle off, this means the following;

  • Need help forming a nice list
  • Suggestions for basing
  • Volunteers for painting
  • Any models lying around you don’t want would be awesome to help as well
  • Some basing suggestions.

I will update these things as they come in, so we have the following models coming and names of who is painting them;

Deadline is end of July for painting/donations of models to be complete so we can raffle off in August.

I will update this as things progress and for those that are wanting to help monetarily looking at £2 a ticket. More money = more tickets.

Everything to go through the WAAC2015 and make sure you tell me you are entering in the comments of the site

NOTE: Non-UK entry is allowed but you will have to help cover postage costs 🙂 Although please keep in mind that I dont know anything about rules for such things in other countries so please check yourselves first before entering.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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