Meat The Butchers – Ox

So I have been playing around with the butchers recently, so thought I would dip into looking at each team member then wrap it up in a team posts. So if I can convince people to help out there will be a series of Team Talks covering all the guilds

Todays post will be looking at Ox the head honcho


As a leader he is not too bad across the board. His MOV is average for a heavily set gentleman. While his base TAC is pretty good, he should be able to get some decent number of hits to fire up the playbook.

His kick is not impressive there are better captains for kicking with, both with distance and dice pool. His DEF is in that also pretty average, however he does have some ARM to help counter act this. Finally he is generating a lot of INF like all captains but he is also not too greedy about taking it off others. He also has a low melee reach so will be easy to lock down for some opponents, although he probably won’t be locked down for long.

Character Trait

The Owner – All friendly models gain +1 DMG to character plays or via the playbook. As it is an Aura he also benefits from this. Butchers hurt people, this helps.

Legendary Play

Get’ em Lads! – Another aura play that is the same as The Owner plus it hands out -1 ARM to enemies. This is incredibly nasty as stacked these grant +2 DMG for a turn in a reasonably large bubble. Literally there is going to be dead space around Ox as no-one will want to be near him.


Ox has a good mix of plays he can do with his playbook. He has a reasonable number of momentum gaining choices which is great. While also being very good at moving around as well, he also has the ability to knockdown a model reasonably well with only 4 hits needed.

A low momentous tackle is also worth flagging up as although his kick distance is low he can easy get the ball and get it to one of your strikers.


Tough Skin – costs 1 INF and allows him to increase the ARM of a nearby friendly model. But unfortunately he can only do it once per turn.

They Aint Tough! – Costs 2 INF or 1 Guild ball (equivalent of 2 hits). This hands out -1 ARM to target enemy.

Butchery – Costs 2 INF or 2 Guild ball (equivalent of 7 hits). Friendly models gain +1 DMG to target model for playbook damage.


He is the great force multiplier for the Butchers on a given turn he could be granting +3 DMG and -1 ARM reasonably easily to him and his team. When the minimum damage a model can takes goes from 1 to 4!! They are going to take models out quickly!

As he generates lots of INF BUT doesn’t use much more you can play he efficiently! He sets models up to be pounded. He doesn’t necessarily need to do the pounding himself.

As he is the force multiplier you need him to go early or after a model you want out of the game has activated, then simply set up and stomp.

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Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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