Batman Lurks at Salute 2015

The intrepid explore Marc gives us his grumpy view of Salute. I am sorry couldn’t find someone chirper.

Well, once again, it’s come and gone. Ladies and gentlemen, Salute 2015 has left the building.

So how was it this year? Well, it was pretty good as always, but there seems to be yet more changes. At the risk of sounding like an old moaner,  Salute didn’t seem to have the same vibe as in past years.

Sadly, the Bring and Buy is still gone, also they now use an entire extra hall for queuing. I assume this is why they have hiked up the price of the on the door tickets this year.

As always, there were plenty of  amazing miniatures to see and interesting new games (I’m looking at you Guildball!) Infamy showing off lots of lovely stuff,    There was a Hobbit who’s head you could rub for luck, a Space marine walking around, some mad lady selling crocheted dice bags 😉 someone with fox ears… because.

Many of the stalwarts were there too, Heresy, with Andy looking low on sleep and high on red bull (not to mention the look of pain that crossed his face on mentioning the word dragon),  Kev at Hasslefree  handing out advice like free sweeties. The guys at Ax Faction being, yes well. 😀 (I’m only teasing guys, you’re great) Mantic was there, sadly Curis was off elsewhere, depriving me of the opportunity  to pester him on the return of Ninjabread, Forge world with their infinite line and many many more that I frankly can’t remember right now.

There were a few noticeable absences though, no Wargames Bakery, no studio McVey and several other familiar faces.

All in all, there seemed to be more space this year, which made the whole event more enjoyable and much less in the way of scrums. However, in a lot of ways it just didn’t seem the same anymore.  That is probably just me being a grumpy old git though.

If you’ve never been, then it is definitely worth going. I just wish it was two days because I always leave feeling like I missed something!  😀  Anyway, that’s all for now folks, catch you later!

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