Grumblin Gremlin Tournament Pre-Report

So Sunday I will be going to the a malifaux tournament down at the Gird in Doncaster.

As appears to be the norm we know the strategy and schemes prior going into the tournament. As I write this before the tournament I thought it would be interesting to have my thoughts about them and what I think I will use going into the tournament as a pre-ample before I write my report.

I will be taking Outcasts to this as my first tournament as part of #ToMB2 which basically means I taking Von Schill and the Viks. The hightlighted schemes are those that are building towards as using.

Round 1

Strategy – Guard the Stash, Close Deployment
Schemes – A Line in the Sand, Protect Territory, Power Ritual, Assassinate and Plant Explosives

With this strategy I have been having good luck with a shooty core with the scheme runners for everything else. With this in mind I am thinking Von Schill, as he can go where I need him to with a Henchmen being the linchpin for me with I Pay Better while trappers etc. use the free focus to pepper stuff as they hide behind the stash markers.

Close deployment does make me worry as everything will be much closer.



So we have Hannah as the rock in the middle of the board. Trappers killing stuff with free focus. Void wretches running schemes. Korpsman running generally interference making sure to get his Df boost trigger when I can. The libriain healing who needs it. Von Schill Problem solving.

Round 2

Strategy – Interference, Flank Deployment
Scheme – A Line in the Sand, Breakthrough, Outflank, Bodyguard and Distract

As interference is like turf war any list would work with this but I need some models that are hard to shift OR get too. So Ronin and perhaps Ama No Zako as well.

Think I will probably run Von Schill again for this one.image


Lazrus dropping blasts into the the 6″ bubble in the middle. Von Schill, Trappers, Librarian and Void Wretches doing same job as round 1 and Johan there to tie stuff up and smash if needed.

Round 3

Strategy – Collect the Bounty, Standard Deployment
Schemes – A Line in the Sand, Assassinate, Plant Explosives, Breakthrough and Spring the Trap

Tough one if I know there is a lot of blasts coming my way then Freikorps will be a must. However, I am feeling Viks for this. Mainly as many people will be terrified of them regardless of if I run slingshot or not.

imageVanessa and Librarain dealing with the healing. Ronin and Trappers can be swapped around but Ronin I can get rid of if I need the Soulstones. Void Wretch running schemes. The Viks being threatening and doing the stratergy work when I need it.

I think all these lists will give me a reasonable backbone. Obviously any summoners will be seeing Taelor 🙂
Killjoy may appear in the last game as well.
Any advice is welcome, the aim is 2-1 although based on who I know is going more like 1-2 and as close to positive VP differential as I can get.

Oh and if you are reading this and going all of what I have said is a lie and I am taking Neverborn

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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