Bayou Bear – Slop Hauler

Its feeding time down at the Bayou today with another Bayou Bear article. This time looking at possibily one of the most popular models to have in any list the Slop Hauler.


For his cost he gets the sort of stats you expect. Average across the board, although he can shift on the charge which is rare but still nice to have.


On to their abilities;

Reckless – Well know and often used ability in the faction.

Bayou Two Card – Amazing ability as it allows you to cheat from the deck rather than from your hand. The Hauler will probably not use it as much as others but still worth remembering he has it.

Squeel – Df trigger on Masks, allows for the little guy to pushed away after taking damage from a Ml hit. IF they survive it obviously..

Attack Actions

Slop Bucket – An average low Ml attack that does low damage (with blast on severe) that also hands at the Appetizing trigger as standard. It lowers the targets Df to 4 and also any bonuses to the its Df. IF you can get this off then it means even Bayou Gremlins are more likely to hit. Very powerful if you want to risk the Hauler

Tossed Slop – Average Sh attack that does very low damage but with lots of blasts. It also hands out the Appetizing condition as above. This is a better use as the range on it keeps them a little further back.

  • Spread it Around – Tome – All models damamged get Appetizing so the blasts come into play more.
Tactical actions

Feed Piggies – A 2AP action that always 4 gremlins or pigs to make a healing flip. This is whats makes them so useful. As gremlins generally take wounds to do some cool stuff this allows them to keep doing that stuff beyond once or twice.


The best way of keeping all your models ticking over and a must for the summoners in the faction. Although all masters wont say no to some relatively efficient healing. They also make some a nice debuffer when needed as they can hurt if they get some blasts going with their ranged attack. No-one likes being a low Df.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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