Going to talk a little about the system GW are currently undertaking with releases, I am starting to think they really like Tapas!!

The number of small contained lists is beginning to get scary, I feel like the flood doors are open and they will never close. How can anyone truly keep up with what is landing? I am starting to get turned off by the GW model as I can’t keep up with these releases.

Which in a way is a good thing as I only have my Eldar (we will come to them in a minute) and I am not drifting from army to army. My wallet is hiding and hiding well as far as GW is concerned, which is a shame as I love the lore and the models but they have overloaded my hobby ADD to the extent it is broken and has gone off to look at other systems. As big as GW is how can they keep this up? if the community seems to be breaking with the load of releases how must they be going internally! I have a big concern the company will run itself into the ground, prices and speed I think will eventually push more and more people away unless they make the game(s) more skirmish based so people are more likely to have more armies so this expanding is easier for the consumer. Time will tell I am sure but I am seeing more people take a step back from GW in varying levels.


Well they are getting a new book and what feels like so soon after the last one (I know 2 years is now an age in the current release cycle). To be honest I am excited by the thought of a big codex coming my way BUT the trend towards heavy use of formations makes me very MEH!

I enjoy the freedom that FoC grants over formations, I never play a cheesey lists with my Eldar. Only 1 Wraithknight only 2 wave serpents, no seer council..I have never been a spammer despite how good these things were so I like to think my list was reasonably balanced.

However with greater use of formations and the set models they need to get bonuses means lists are probably going to get very boring as some of the bonuses are too good to turn down based on experience we have of them. OK the Necrons have the Tomb Blade tax for theirs but they are not bad just under-used, not anymore.

From what we are seeing, looks like the Eldar will have the Vyper tax for their formation.

Maybe I am just an old jaded wargamer who likes his list and can tweak things around to shake things up. But I maybe growing apart from my first love as our differences become greater. Which makes me a little sad.

Although the new Jetbikes are very nice.

In a Galaxy Far Far Far Far Far Far Far Far Far Far Far Far Far Far Away

A little excited about this…The question is will x-wing and other FFG star wars stuff disappear of the shelf? I would say yes!!

Hobby This Week

Much painting to try to get as much of my Outcasts ready for the Tournament next weekend. Plus the various WAAC activities really need to get those finished and out the door…

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2 thoughts on “Beared-itorial

  1. I could see X-Wing to sell like hot cakes when the new movie comes out. Especially if they add new ships that are shown in the movie. So far I have hope for the new film, even though I actually really disliked the Star Trek reboot. However, I feel the source material is much better suited for an action packed saga than Star Trek, so I am looking foward to this, too.

    With GW I feel the upcoming new edition of Warhammer could be more down the line of a Skirmish game. The only catch is, if the prices for miniatures increase further even a small skirmish warband will cost more than say a Warmachine or Saga warband. I guess we will see.

    1. Agreed. The level of uncertainty is really throwing me off. Just hope GW becomes more open once LotR license expires.

      As for SW it should be good, Disney wont allow anything else after the money involved.

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