Bayou Bear – Lenny

He is big and a light dense but the is loved by all….sometimes! It’s a Bayou Bear Article looking at the big guy himself Lenny.


He isn’t cheap but he does bring a lot to Gremlin builds. He has a decent number of wounds but his Df is bad and we will pretend he doesn’t actually have a Wp. He is not the fastest Gremlin around but he should be able to keep up at the back.


On to his abilities;

Hard to Wound – Standard I am harder to damage..

Numbskull – Makes him immune to all conditions. This is huge as he cant be poisoned, burnt, slowed or paralysed. But on the flip side he can never be reactivated or given fast as well. But this is huge epseically with his low Wp and meh Df.

Large Target – Friendly models close by reduce damage by one . So a pseudo-armour BUT works against everything. So Bayou Gremlins taking damage from Drunk & Reckless but also Dumb Luck trigger as well. Speaking of which.

Dumber Luck – Friendly pigs and gremlins add a Ram to their duels. Which makes all the gremlins terrifying! From Bayou Gremlins with dumb luck to Burt with his critical strike. Lenny helps bring the pain.

Attack Actions

Whack’n Stick – A good Ml attack which does decent damage. Nice and simple like Lenny himself.

  • Huge and Squeezes – Rams – After succeeding he hands out the condition Embraced – Which means model s cant declare walk actions while engaged. If you can charge something that has a lower melee range then Lenny himself. This is basically the same as Paralysed. Unless your opponent can push the model out.
Tactical actions

Toss – Target a Ht1 then push it a fair distance in any direction. If the target hits impassable terrain or a model then they need to pass a Df duel or take some damage. Nice way to move your own stuff around. If only they didn’t become insignificant as well. This would be amazing J

Pet the Piggy – Needs any 9 to hit the TN but allows him to make a healing flip. Shame it the total is a little high but he hands out a lot already to the crew. Plus slop haulers makes it easy to ignore if you wish.


Obviously as a gremlin he can take Dirty Cheater but he does have a named upgrade as well, he will probably take it if you want to load up the pigapult.

I’ll Love It and Pet It – This costs 1 soulstone and gives him a Sh attack.

Whacked Piglets – Average Sh with low damage and good range. It does have blasts at severe as well but really its all about the trigger;

  • Huh, It Survived – Tomes – If you do weak damage you summon a Piglet into base contact with the target. The piglet then takes some uncheatable damage. Wooo free piggy.

The ultimate force-multiplier around. He makes all your gremlins hit harder with the auto Rams around while also reducing the damage they take. A lot of masters love Lenny, mainly Ophelia and Somer but he can easily fit in anywhere.

Yes he is very easily moved around due to the shocking Wp BUT he is still worth having as at least he is immune to conditions (both good and bad). I have found that having Old Cranky around helps him a little with that Wp but it is just something you will have to accept with him (keep away from Pandora).

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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