Bayou Bear – Rami LaCroix

Another Bayou Bear article and this time, I thought I should go Kin and have a look at Mr Deadeye himself Rami.


Low Df and Wp (although pretty average compared to other Gremlins) he is relatively quick with his Wk but has no Cg. His wounds could have been higher but not too bad.


On to his abilities;

Reckless – We have seen this before and on a model that can take an upgrade *cough* Dirty Cheater *cough* it means for some easy access to more AP.

Squeel – Df trigger on Masks, allows for the little guy to pushed away after taking damage from a Ml hit. Which means hopefully he can’t be kept in combat.

Aim High – Allows him to ignore Ht 1 models in an engagement, which helps loads in Gremlins. Fair warning about the Stilts upgrade as it will hurt this ability.

Attack Actions

Really Long Rifle – An average Sh with excellent range and OK damage but weak is a bit poor. If he focuses like all snipers he gets to boost range of the gun to silly long

  • Dumb Luck – Rams – Standard trigger which means doubling the damage for cost of taking half the damage. This makes Rami someone to respect with severe damage around.
Tactical actions

Trusty Flask – His only Tactical Action that needs any 6 to hit the TN. It allows him to make a healing flip. Which with dirty cheater as well means he can keep ticking.


Your average activation is going to be. Reckless, focus, shoot, heal. He is that simple, shoot anything that moves. But he is also worth a scheme runner as he doesn’t have From The Shadows like over snipers and he can at least move ok.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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