Thunderbear – The Depleted

Another look at something that is only available to 10T via Lynch and aren’t they sorry-looking things…

This is a Thunderbear article but maybe a nod towards other articles in the future for NB aka Neverbear 😉


They are a 4 point minion and as such the stats represent that, terrible Df and low Wp they are also slow. But what does stand out for them is the amazing number of wounds they have..


On to their abilities;

Insignificant: – They can’t take interact actions, but they are minions so at least count for certain schemes and strats.

Consumed – When they do eventually pop all models close by take some damage and also gain Brilliance till the end of the turn, themed crews approve this..

Hard to Kill – As they has no Df triggers this at least makes him bit more survivable.

Hard to Wound – Why yes I will take some negatives to damage me thank you.

They are so cheap but my word they are almost the best tarpit in the game against anything but big hitters. Large number of wounds on top of H2K and H2W means it will take a fair amount of resources to shift just one.

Attack Actions

Smoldering Grasp – Like everything else the stats are not great for their attack. However they do gain +1 Ml and positive flips for disengaging strike, again driving home the tarpit-ness.

  • Burn Out – Masks – The target must discard a card which is always nice.
  • Just a Touch – Crows – Hands out Brilliance and everyone near a Lynch crew generally likes a bit of that.
Tactical Action

Drawn to the Light – Their 0 action lets them target a model with Brilliance (lets say Huggy for instance) and allows them to push towards it. This suddenly makes them much faster as they can actually move over a third of the board in one activation. This could catch some people out as no-one wants something sat near a scheme/strat marker they can’t shift for a couple of turns..


Tarpit plain and simple, a great tarpit, I know some people are not a fan but I actually like them. They make great marker sitters, although I have yet to try them as little bodyguard for Huggy but I think they could be great if nothing but a roadblock to stop things getting to him but allowing Huggy to still reach with his huge range! Never mind the idea of using them as a way to heal up Huggy when needed.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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