Bayou Bear – Piglet

Here piggy piggy piggy, they are very cute go give them cuddle…I dare you! Another Bayou Bear article with a look at the Piglet.


They have good Df and very poor Wp. They are pretty slow at walking but when they Charge they can shift a fair distance. Another cheap minion in the gremlin faction although they need more help keeping control as we shall see.


On to their abilities;

Small Target – Protects them against Sh attacks as all attacks are on a negative flip. On top of the decent Df means they are hard to take down with Guns.

Pigcharge – Allows the piglet to make a Charge action with 1 ap instead of 2. This means they can move and charge which gives them a healthy threat range.

Set’er Off – This is the pay-off for the cheap charge. If they are not engaged or very close to a Gremlin (or within the bubble from Ulix and other Hog Whispers) then when they make an action it has to be a charge to a legal target.

Attack Actions

Gore – A low Ml and damage attack that must declare a trigger.

  • Stampede – Ram – The piglet suffers a point of damage and must Charge the closest non-pig model (even if engaged). You can only declare this once an activation.

What this means is you can get 3 charges a turn from your piggy BUT you need to hop this happens far from your own forces.

  • Eat Anything – Crow – Gives the piglet a healing flip which is always nice.
  • Grab on – Tome – Target gains slow but at cost of the piglets activation ending.
  • Bowled Over – Mask – Push the target a distance away then push the piglet into base contact. Great way of clearing out turf war area or even squatters markers.

Trample – A low Ml attack that uses 2 AP, unusally this means only while they are engaged can it be used. It does decent damamage. Just a shame that the ML is so low a hit is not even close to be guaranteed.

Tactical actions

Truffles – Needs any 6 to acheve the TN, it allows a friendly gremlin to be pushed its Wk towards the Gremlin. Great way of moving models around even if it is only a small amount.


They add some more cheap activations alongside the Bayou Gremlins but they are not going to do tonnes of damage and need to stay in control bubbles for you to keep tabs on them. However as annoying distractions they are great. They also work incredibly well in a Ulix crew (obviously) but outside of that I can only see the odd one pop up when Lenny is throwing them or you go in that direction with Somer.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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