Bayou Bear – Bayou Gremlins

Been a long time coming but thought I would look at the Boys at last…..The rowdy Bayou Gremlins.. Time for another Bayou Bear Article


They have average Df and low Wp as expected for a 3pt model!! They have incredibly low wounds but at least they can move with OK Wk and Cg. The cheapest possible minion out there (that is not insignificant) around and easily spammed especially if you use Somer.

They are the reason Gremlins can out-activate the opposition and they do it well.


On to their abilities;

Drunk & Reckless – Bigger penalty with this over normal Reckless as they take more wounds and so needs to be managed well as it I will be half the wounds the boys can take.

Bayou Two Card – Amazing ability as it allows you to cheat from the deck rather than from your hand. It means if you have flipped a rubbish card AND you need your hand for something else. Then using this ability is of no determent for you as the Gremlin Player.

High Pitched Squeel – Df trigger on Masks, allows for the little guy to pushed away after taking damage from a Ml hit. IF they survive it obviously..

Attack Actions

Banjo Bash – A low Ml attack that does very little damage! If you are in combat with Gremlins you are doing right….wrong I meant wrong!

Boomstick – Low Sh attack that has decent range but low damage like the Bash attack. However you do get a blast on the severe which is jolly good.. They must declare a trigger!

  • Dumb Luck – Rams – Basically the standard trigger in the faction. Doubles the damage on the gun BUT the Gremlin takes half damage as well. But has potential to one shot of stuff in the game. For more hilarity Red Joker does massive damage and will kill the gremlin…BOOM!!!
  • Whoops, Ricochet – Crow – After resolving the closest friendly model in LoS takes 1 damage
  • What if..more powder – Tome – Adds more blasts to the damage on moderate and severe.
  • I got ‘im Pal – Mask – After succeeding you push towards the target.

They are cheap, unpredictable and just the essence of the character of the faction. In a game where activations is a valuable currency having a 3pt model that is readily available, means you can pick your battles with our more expensive stuff better.

They actually make OK scheme runners as you can have so many of them plus an extra AP when you need it is also worth while. However they will die and quickly but always more where that comes from.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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