Out(Bear)Cast – Trapper

So for my first Bear(out)cast article I am going to be looking at the much-loved/hated model the Trapper.


Middling stats with OK Wp and average Df while he can move when needed and surprisingly good Cg why he would who knows..

They are also Rare 2 so you can’t spam them for some reason, which is a great shame 😉 Obviously they are Mercs hence why they get around a lot and are a great price for what you get if played well (therefore I don’t expect much)


Armor – Standard for the Korps always handy even if there is plenty of ways round it.

Freikorps Suit – They all get the suit (cue MiB quote) which means they can ignore damage from pulses and blasts which is great against so masters.

From the Shadows – They are sneaky so can be deployed anyway near enough great if you get to deploy second. Although I am not a fan of the deploy in/on a tower as yes it is very cinematic BUT not fun for the other person (or you if obey etc. is about).

Attack Actions

Rifle Butt – If you are using this then you are in trouble!! Rubbish Ml and just bad damage track, only use this if you are bored…

Clockwork Rifle – the reason for the Trapper! A sniper rifle that has built-in positive flips and boosts the range if you focus. It only has an average Sh value but that is countered by the positive flips it can use! The Range is decent to start with the focus-induced bonus is just nasty!

The damage track is not bad and you if you focus there is a chance to get the straight flip on damage to cheat in a high card.

  • Mask Trigger Reposition – This is built-in and allows the trapper to push after succeeding. Handy to hide him after he has annoyed the opposition.
  • Ram Trigger Critical Strike – Increase the damage for each Ram in the total, generally this will mean only +1 for the trapper but still makes the gun even scarier even at min damage.
Tactical Action

Retreat to Cover – The only 0 action the trapper has and allows them to push out of engagement if they discard a card. Very handy as it means he can’t be tied down so the enemy either needs to concentrate on them or risk being shot at continuously.


A great piece that will annoy and cause a fair amount of damage! What is going to be the hardest part of using them is how aggressive you are with the From The Shadows. Too much and they will be eaten first turn. Deploy normally could affect how much damage they kick out in the game.

If you have been reading my after action reports, I am finding the threat of them greater than the actual damage you can really dictate where your opponent goes as they do not want to be LoS of them, use this to your advantage. But be wary of very fast models.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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