Thunderbear – Kamaitachi

The Super Ferret is here, time to look at the generic totem for the 10T faction..


The like guy has decent as his movement (so he can keep up which is important) while his Wp is not good which is a shame. But for the price not bad.


On to its abilities;

The Winds of Fortune – Once per turn when a nearby friendly model attaches an upgrade card, then you get to draw a card. At the moment this only really works with 2 masters but both wouldn’t say no to such things.

Insignificant – So no Interacting but he is a minion so still counts for some strats and schemes.

The Howling Thunder – Along same lines as Winds but this time when an upgrade card is discarded (or removed) then it can heal some damage and also get a free push. Scary what this can do speedwise for some models.

Attack Actions

Razor-Edged Talons – Average Ml attack that does low damage but it does come with a built Mask to make trigger easier;

  • Flay – MaskMask – Like in Neverborn you can cheat damage regardless of the number of negative flips associated with it.

Katanaka’s Flame – Low range, high Ca 7 attack targeting Df allows you to discard up to 2 cards to hand out burning to the model.

Tactical Action

At the Crossroads – A 0 action that allows the little guy to discard a card to push Leader or Minion (poor enforcers and henchmen) their Wk.


The little guy certainly helps with master mobility but this is something most don’t strong with but then every little helps. At the moment they are 2 masters that really sing when having the Ferret around. Shenlong and McCabe with the cycling of upgrade cards happening with these two masters, perhaps with McCabe getting the most as he has more targets for the upgrade card shifting but still worth considering for either gent.

Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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